JWs and the holidays at work

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  • limbogirl

    I had lunch this week with some business colleagues and one of them complained that at her office there is now a "No Merry Christmas" policy which includes not saying merry christmas, not decorating the office for christmas, no christmas party, no secret santa games or exchanging of gifts. I asked why all the rules and she said that there is one woman (out of nearly 150 employees) who is a JW and office management has decided the best way to handle the situation without excluding this woman or offending her in any way is to eliminate all reference to the holidays. As you can imagine the other employees are in an uproar. Will be interesting to see what comes of this. When I was a JW at school or at the office there were certainly never any accommodations made because of my religion (nor did I expect any) -- seems like our overly PC world is perhaps working to the advantage of some of the JWs? But I suppose it will be harder for them to witness in the workplace when everyone else is also acting like a JW. very strange...

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    We have two dubs employed at my practice and one of the partners pushed for us to change the christmas party to a year-end party so they would grace us with their presence. Most of the staff was not happy with that at all, and the cute thing was they both stayed about a half hour then left when people started having fun.

  • limbogirl

    maybe your partners should be notified that not only is the christmas party offensive but so is the mere association with all of the non-JW co-workers. but then you probably wouldn't even get a holiday party! the other strange thing in regard to my first post...apparently the christmas party was to be renamed the holiday party but that didn't suffice either. so now the holiday party is the 2006 kickoff party and will occur after the first of the year so as not to be confused with a new year's party. :)

  • juni

    Same thing happened w/my husband's former employer. Called it a year end party because of the JWs working there. But in the case of 1 witness out of 150 employees, wow!! She must be very likable. Maybe too much association w/the worldly workers? Hmmmmmmmmmm

  • doofdaddy

    Imagine you were working for an organisation that was all jws except you.

    Would they all stop talking jw stuff out of respect for you?

    I don't think so....

  • juni

    If the office workers only knew how many employees who are JWs eat B/day cake of fellow employees, eat turkey on Thanksgiving, send Mother's Day cards to mom, etc. etc.

  • juni

    Heh doofdaddy!!

    Are any of those riots around you? Juni

  • Ingenuous

    One of my workmates has decided to say:

    Have a wonderful annually recurring, politically correct, non-denominational celebratory season!
  • defd

    I dont agree with ANYONE haveing to change plans for us. We are the ones who do not celebrate the holidays. That is one thing that does upset me with some. They feel that people need to accommadate them because of our beliefs, which is not right. At my work I just dont attend. No biggie, life goes on. Even if they CHANGE the name of the party I still wouldnt go and believe me I have went through that. Not because they wanted me there, but so that they could entrap me and have something on me. Its funny. Also, I just heard that some stores if not all who sell christmas tress are not calling them that anymore. Why? Not because of JWS but because of ALL the people who do not Celebrate xmas and are offended by it. Strange!


  • carla

    Why do jw's take the day off for a holiday? If they really didn't celebrate holidays they would offer to work on these 'pagan' days instead of taking advantage of the holiday. That in itself is celebrating in a way.

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