Gay Cowboy Movie

by joelbear 18 Replies latest social entertainment

  • MegaDude

    So Ohio Cowboy made a movie?

  • Sam the Man
    Sam the Man

    It will make a change from my usual gay porn. Probably not as much of a turn on, obviously not hardcore, but I'm sure it will be good. I hope my wife isn't sneaking around here haha

  • littlerockguy

    I may have to leave my state to see it or wait until it comes out on DVD since I dont know of anyplace around here showing it.

  • mkr32208

    arent' all cowboys movies fairly gay anyway? This one is just more open about it!

  • gaiagirl

    Saturday Night Live did an amusing parody, called Brokedown Goldmine, (or something similar). It involved Alec Baldwin and Will Forte as two grizzled old prospectors acting as if they had very special feelings for each other, i.e. "I haven't found any gold yet, but I found something so much better" (in wheezy old prospector voice).

  • darkuncle29

    The movie was great. It was not done cheesy or fake, or excessivly sexual. I'd have no qualm about taking my mom or sisters.

    Latter Days is another good gay film, a little cheesy, but kinda cute.

    On another note, does anyone want to go camping?

  • joelbear

    I was impressed with this movie. no overt nudity or sexual activity. they did show breasts ew.

    it told the story of a helluva lot of men, myself included. i would not admit to myself that I was a queer.

    mitch and i thought the scene where one said I ain't queer and the other said, me neither was hysterical.

    we simultaneously leaned towards each other and went "me neither". what a hoot.

    its a beautiful movie and anyone who cares to see how painful it is to come to grips with ones

    homosexuality, no matter what their opinion of homosexuals is, should see the movie.

  • acsot

    good to hear about the movie, I'm going tonight with my (gay) brother and his companion (of 21 years).

  • jstalin

    Darnit... it's not out here until this Friday...

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