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  • sass_my_frass

    I've brought this up before; I've been wondering whether to give blood. I've realised that if it came down to it I wouldn't want to take blood but I'd rather do so than die. In that case I really ought to give blood too. I went to the clinic with Mr Frass today as he did, to see what goes on. Had this huge 'run away' alarm going in my head as we went in, but it was such a tight operation. The expression 'wool pulled over my eyes' comes to mind. The paper trail, the testing, the donor-to-recipient monitoring system. The amount of blood that is needed; really needed, and how much of it. The circumstances under which blood really is needed and an alternative treatment is just a joke. The people who would have to die to qualify for baptism. I'll check old posts here, but does anybody happen to know some good pro-blood sites? I'd like to learn more.

  • Scully

    Try - it's an excellent resource.

    I recently made my 25th donation. The blood bank made a big deal of it too... they gave me a card that says I've saved 100 lives. I got a pin to wear that says I have donated blood 25 times. I declined the photo-op.

  • skeeter1

    You need to get the facts on blood, and I mean the facts. The chances of catching AID and hepatitus C is one in two million units. Hepatitus A is one in two hundred thousand units. The chances of dying from low blood count increases dramatically as you go below 10 or lose alot of blood quickly. It is even higher if you're very old, very young, or very ill. Talk with your doctor about your condition and your ability to go without blood.

    Go to to get the facts on the risks of accepting a blood donation.


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