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  • forsharry

    Not sure why I've been going around to the JW forums like on myspace and such to see what they say...maybe I'm just stupid...who knows...but I was surprised at the vitriolic venom that many of the youth that still pay homage to da troof spew from their mouths. I know I was raised JW but I would always pride myself on listening to what others said, even if i secretly didn't agree with it. Why? Because it was a polite thing to do...and I had the TRUTH! I felt it could stand alone! No Catholic or Born Again Christian or Pentacostal could bring me down! Maybe that made me a very bad dub but I thought it made me a well-learned person. How could I go about, door to door, saying anything other than the Jehovah's Witness brand of Christianity was the only way people would MAYBE earn brownie points with Jehovah, when I didn't even know what they believed? I found that to be arrogant, closed minded and doing a great disservice to myself.

    I'm not saying that this is a mutually exclusive reaction soley amongst the JWs. Many cultists have such a 'violent' reaction. I just don't remember having that much hatred directed towards others...I always used it on myself.

    I'm not sure what my point was with this but I was supremely saddened by it. I despise closed-mindedness no matter what the source. Heck, that's why I was probably ousted from the bOrg to begin with...because I questioned...and got the same type of snarky responses. Would I have stayed if some loving brother or sister sat me down and listened to my questions and was able to alleive my doubts and anger over what happened to my family because of this religion, by using bible scriptures and loving words? (Now keep in mind I'm going back to when I bought into all of this white-washed graves garbage.) You betcha. But it's always piss and vinegar...always.

    They really need to get a better PR department. Someone forgot to read the memo about the honey.

  • Maryjane

    I've been dealing with a Jehovah-bot on a music forum I frequent (they're everywhere!). She has got to be one of the most arrogant personalities I've ever met online. Last week there was a particularly heated exchange on the board (click here if you're interested in reading it

    http://www.digital-djs.com/talk/thread-view.asp?threadid=11400 I'm "maryjanewisdom" and she's "chocolate". The other JW instigator is "fingersinc")

    where she set herself up by saying "there is only one true religion". Seeing a grand opening, I asked her..."what IS this true religion you refer to?" (knowing full well if she answered she'd piss off a lot of christians on the board). She never did answer me, but another JW cronie on the board said "you know she doesn't want anything to do with an apostate!). I played dumb and asked why he called me that etc..but he never answered either. To any non-JW onlookers, they must have been confused, but what wasn't confusing was the arrogance of the JW poster. Her field service hours went to waste that day! Every now & then I"ll greet her on the board so the rest of the readers can see how she shuns me...lol

  • forsharry

    very nice thread. It's not surprising but I find it all disappointing really. When I was in the religion...i asked some very provacative questions and I got the same response. STOP QUESTIONING! FOLLOW BLINDLY! These are apostate questions! WTF?! It didn't matter that I pulled scripture after scripture saying question if you do not understand...and I never asked out of spite or anger...but if you're going to yell at me for using my quote on quote GOD GIVEN brain, then you can kiss my twinkie endowed ass.

  • undercover
    When I was in the religion...i asked some very provacative questions and I got the same response. STOP QUESTIONING! FOLLOW BLINDLY! These are apostate questions!

    It's a hard lesson learned but if any group, organization or person uses that kind of tactic to not answer questions or to impose some kind authority, it should raise a flag that they are not to be trusted.

  • DannyHaszard

    There are more psychopaths per square inch and per-capita among Jehovah's Witnesses than anywhere except the prison population.

    Those who are sincere bump along or get out of the cult the rest are P.I.T's (Psychopaths In Training).I go back 3rd generation born JW 1957.

    My JW father and my maternal grandmother (not blood related now) were both full blown JW psychopaths.

    What is a psychopath? A pathological compulsive liar,amoral (no conscience) they do not learn from their mistakes they manipulate and connive

    I'm not saying that the antagonist you encountered are such,but there are just a whole lotta psychopaths in the watchtower it's like it draws them in or something.

    Notice and warning:forensic criminal psychologist say that a psychopath (sociopath) CANNOT change they are not amendable to treatment.

  • sammielee24
    kiss my twinkie endowed ass

    lol forsharry.....I tried on some clothes that I hadn't worn since early spring - or should say tried to try them on - this caught my attention quite obviously - sammieswife.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    There are those who wish to serve God in the Witness organization, and those who simply follow the crowd. I became a witness in my mid teens with no family associated with the group. I was allways shocked and offended when other teenagers made fun of and discredited other religions as "pagans" without knowing anything about them. On the other hand, I also knew a few people who had studied other religions and allways had a little more balanced view of things (although still beliving JW doctrine). I actually have heard some Elders complain about the "young ones" in their congregations because they don't have a good grip on reality. It comes down to the facts that stupid, close minded people are everywhere.

  • Gretchen956

    I've noticed this too. I think its all in the anomymous internet thing. If you told them you were an elder from their hall monitoring the site I bet they'd change their tune in a big hurry!!


  • miker2

    Hi Im new since today here!!! (And Im trying to understand because Im a spanish speaker.) I guess is normal try to see what about our ex brother´s lifes in the sect. I mean, is hard to us understand why they dont open the eyes. But if we thinking about it, when we was WW (Watchtower´s Witnesses), we thought about "ex WW",like devils, or like viruses. The WT, really have a way to teach that convert normal people in a person with superior attitude. We was thinking that we are members of the Gods Club. And in fact, when we went outside the sect, we can see the others, with their bad and good things too. WT teach to think, that they are the cowboys and all the rest of makind are evils indians. Is natural find this reaction. For example in Spanish speaker enviroment is the same. Why?, because we came from a clones factory. Really is the same in all languages. But we have an advantage...we can help our ex brothers, if we can write our experiences, and the thing that to help us to open our eyes. In my case was the mistake about 607 before Christ (this is teh correct way to say the old tiem in English?) Anyway...Im so happy to find this place, really Im. miker

  • Oroborus21

    These Young-ins today! back in my day we had respect for our elders.....blah, blah, blah

    You know you are getting old when the music is too loud and you start complaining about the next generation.


    PS: Maryjane, I thought Chocolate handled herself very well and was quite respectful and articulate in that thread. Can't say the same for some of the others.

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