Breaking News: St Albans explosions

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  • Crumpet

    The explosions woke me up on Sunday morning. Initially I thought it was a train- we live close to the railway line as the whole house started to shake - but I remembered through my fog of sleep that there are no trains running that time on a Sunday. I went back to sleep thinking maybe it was an earth tremor.

    A little while later there was another real loud thundery sound and this time Mr Crumpet woke up and said did you hear that? I said I thought it was an earth quake - he thought it was a fox or a cat on the conservatory roof. We both went back to sleep and it was only hours later we realised when we put the news on that it was the explosions at the oil depot.

    We live about 60 miles from Hemel Hempstead so it tells you how huge it must have been to wake us up. Such a miracle no one was killed. Unfortunately my boyfriend insures many of the tankers that were there and at between £50K and £100K per tanker - thats not going to be so good for business!

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