Visual perception

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  • startingover

    I came across this test of perception.

    This is not a joke, nor one of those screaming videos which make your heart stop. This is for real.

    Take the test... Most likely 70-80% of you will answer incorrectly, showing your own likelihood of making mistakes.

    After you follow the link, here is the test:

    The video takes a little while to load. Give it time.

    There are two teams passing a basketball - the team you will be tracking is wearing white shirts.

    You want to count the number of times the ball is passed from one white-shirted team member to another white-shirted team member. We are counting PASSES, not touches. Bounce-passes count as a pass.

    The video runs about 10-12 seconds.

    Most large groups of people will count anywhere from 11 passes to 18 passes!

    Why the large variation?

    Stay tuned for a post explaining that phenomenon.

  • Satanus



  • fraidycat9

    Not to spoil anything. Suspicious by nature and not easily fooled. What's the "G" ;-) doing there?

  • Aude_Sapere

    I saw this on Dateline or some such news show about a year ago.

    I counted so carefully and was amazed at the commentary afterward. I think I still have the show on tape somewhere in my collection.


  • Dimples

    I counted 15 times


  • Jeffro

    There's something like 11, but if you really want to know, why don't you ask the gorilla?

  • Leolaia

    I counted 21 passes (11 between white shirts), and saw the furry gorilla...

  • AlmostAtheist

    I watched it once before reading any other comments, and counted 14 passes between white shirts. I never saw a white shirted individual pass to anyone other than another white shirt.

    I then read the comments and watched it again. I still counted 14, but this time I saw the gorilla. I totally missed him the first time.

    Then I watched it a third time, concentrating on the white-shirted folks that WEREN'T holding the ball, in case a blackshirt slipped them a ball while I wasn't looking. I saw a questionable spot, but didn't pursue it.

    Finally, I watched it a 4th time without trying to see anything in particular. The most striking thing was the gorilla wandering in -- unregarded by the group -- thumping his chest, and walking off.

    Was the point that I saw what I was told to see? If so, it's a powerful point. I can't believe I missed that gorilla the first time.


  • Gozz

    I counted 13 or 14; minimum 13, maximum 14 ('first pass').

    startingover: it appears you didn't instruct that the sequence be watched once :)

    leolaila: how many times did you view the video? AlmostAtheist: excellent info about your experience; your observations are consistent with published research. You probably wouldn't've missed it were you to be counting passes by the black shirts; most people (perhaps >55% or so) 'll miss the G the first time when they're counting passes by the men in white; it's called "Inattentional Blindness" (IB)...

    There's a 2000 Harvard paper on this research.


  • Leolaia

    Gozz....The first time I watched it, I saw 21 passes and saw the gorilla. Then I thought it was too many passes so I reread the rules and tried again, that time I counted 11 between the white shirts, but I have no idea if I undercounted them...

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