Elder Meeting (School?) Secret Sin

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  • inbyathread

    Looking for a thread about Elders keeping a sin secret and keeping his position. CO read something from a Kingdom Ministry. Any Help? Thanks.

  • VM44

    hi inbyathread,

    I think you are looking for something sir82 said in his "Elder's School" series.

    Here are the links.


    Elder's School Notes Part 1: Quit being so materialistic, you slackers!http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/102237/1.ashx

    Elder school notes, Part 2: hysterical screed against education continues http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/102248/1.ashx

    Elders School Part 3: Your talks kinda blow, brothers...

    Elders School Part 4: Beat, er, I mean shepherd the sheephttp://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/102312/1.ashx

    Elders School Part 5: Here's how you've been screwing up...http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/102350/1.ashx

    Elders school notes, Part 6: The JW Talmud, and Trust Us!!!http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/102445/1.ashx

    Elders School Notes, Part 7: Trust Us!!!! http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/102646/1.ashx

  • inbyathread

    thanks vm but the thread I'm needing was prior to this past Elder school. I'm thinking probably 4 or more months ago.

    Elder who posted mentioned about speaking about this point with PO who was in car with him on the way home.

  • blondie
  • stillajwexelder


    Brothers! The Society has noticed that we have lost some Elders and Ministerial Servants over the years! Some Elders have quietly resigned, and some were forced to step down because of strict application of procedures. (Was this our fault?) So we are being reminded of a loving provision from the organization regarding cases where Elders and Ministerial Servants have either committed serious sins before appointment or even After there are appointed.

    The CO now brought out a Kingdom Ministry and begin reading ... when he finished, he restated the provisions that if an Elder or Ministerial Servant committed some serious wrong, and 2 or 3 years had passed, with the wrongdoing no longer being practiced, the sin not known among the Friends, and the Brother still holds the respect of the Congregation, he does “NOT” have to be removed or feel obligated to resign. Shaa-Zaaam! What???!!! Say that again, I said to myself. The CO, as though he read my mind, repeated the same thing again, including reading the KM. He then volunteered the date and issue of the KM. Then proceeded to remind us that this loving provision has been there all along but we were not paying attention ... and this refresher from the Slave Class should help reduce the numbers resigning or being removed as Elders and Ministerial Servants.

  • katiekitten

    This is totally amazing.

    Im certain that if the R&F harboured a secret sin that eventually got found out they'd be for the high jump.

    Also this reminded me of the decision last week by the Catholic church that a gay man could be a preist as long as he wasnt practising any more and there was a gap of three or more years from when he last practised.

  • jeanniebeanz

    Wow... Their hypocrisy knows no bounds, does it?

    I'm amazed...


  • Blueblades

    Stilla! That info is also in the Organization book, 1972! They didn't use it as far as I know. Now that they are losing so many servants they are using this again to bring them back to the slave work. Many fine Elders are leaving, but, not for the reasons they expounded on. We all know why.


  • jgnat

    All the more reason for good men like Gary1914 to make their quiet exit.


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