The Watchtower's view of Christmas

by Jeffro 13 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • Axelspeed

    I find it interesting that on one hand the WT finds it within itself to allow certain celebrations, such as those involving pinatas, because in their own words, they have lost religious significance and so are allowable.

    But then in the next breath condemn other celebrations, i.e. Chrismas, because they arent religious enough.


  • Pistoff
    How bout if I wear a diaper and move in with you through December......will you hang some lights and buy me stuff??? I want a new set of Calloway golf clubs btw

    Man, that is just wrong. On so many levels, LOL.

  • Jeffro


    Now for me Christmas is just another day not so much because the scriptures don't teach anything about celebrating holidays except for weddings and passover but because it is so commercialized it makes me sick. this time of year is disturbing for me because of how people react when shopping for gifts. I have heard many of horror stories about fighting and foul language towards others when shopping because of a stupid little toy.

    Your comments about the commercialization of Christmas reminded me of a quite funny blog entry I read: I'm sure many people can relate.

  • Mysterious

    They are trying to do the whole at least people were trying to do it out of devotion to god but now they have degraded even deeper into the greedy spirit of the world satanic influence.

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