Do Animals Have Feelings?

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  • anewme

    Do they feel love?

    Have any examples?

  • hubert



  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    Or are those "feelings" humans merely transferring those emotions onto these animals?

  • Robdar

    When I worked at the zoo, we discussed this a lot. Our opinino was, yes they do.

    Animals produce many of the hormones and chemicals we do. For example, animals (mammals) produce oxytocin after birth. If oxytocin can cause feelings of love and euphoria in humans, it can cause the same emotion (feeling) in animals.

    I feed a colony of wild cats and am involved in the trap, spay, and release program. Last spring, I caught all the cats except one. She was too savvy to get into the trap. As a result, she got pregnant. After her kittens were born, she started being very affectionate to me. She would rub against me and let me pet her. Before the birth, she would only let me get to about a foot from her and then she would run away.

  • jt stumbler
    jt stumbler

    My Jack Russell always chases off the cats if they get too close while sitting on my lap. Jealous?

  • anewme

    I was just wondering if my animals "love" me.

    Maybe they merely respect me.

    Sometimes I look into my doggie's eyes and think she loves me tremendously.

    I certainly do her! I spent 3 thousand dollars at the vets on her 4 years ago.

    I have two dogs. I enjoy watching them interact with each other and other humans when they visit.

    They certainly seem to have little feelings.

    Just the other day I thought I saw pure joy in my little dog! Like a lightbulb went on in her!

    (She is now pooping in the right place, where I'd prefer she would, on some paper, and the other day when I came home there it was...on the paper and she had a huge SMILE on her face!!!

    Have you ever seen a dog genuinely smile??
    It is quite unforgettable!
    Immediately afterwards she ran outside and raced around like I've never seen her race! She leaped over tall buildings and was faster than a speeding bullit!
    She is a crippled chihuahua and I have never seen her run before! She was absolutely celebrating!!

    Got any similar stories?

  • Robdar

    I one time scolded my cat. I mean, I really SCOLDED her. The cat cried. Literal tears. I couldn't believe it but sure enough. My ex husband and son witnessed it. It changed my opinion about animals and "feelings". They do have feelings. Humans just don't want to see it because we want to think that we're superior.

  • anewme

    My work takes me into the small private rooms of store security personel called Loss Prevention offices.
    While waiting for some personel I casually flipped through the thick book of Law Code on his desk.
    One law intrigued me.

    It is against the law and illegal for any person to euthanize a mother animal in the same box with her young.

    I was stunned by the compassion and beauty of this law! Of course a mother animal has intense feelings for her young and it would be cruel and inhumane to torture a mother creature with this added torture.

    What do you think?

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    We have 2 dogs, a German Shepherd - Cleopatra and a Besenji Mutt Mix - Kersey...The Besenji is a third of the size of the German Shepherd. When I give the dogs chewies I usually give the bigger one to the German Shepherd - who will go hide it and wait until bedtime to start eating it....

    The Besenji - Kersey will always go to her hiding place and take her Chewy....

    So not only is she stingy for not sharing....she is jealous.

    Also, we have 4 cats...and they always fight over this one spot on my bed. Everyday there is fur from them fighting on my bed!

    Chrystal aka Why Georgia

  • anewme

    I am sitting here at this computer and my male chihuahua is barking at me to go get him some cheese.

    I have already gotten up now twice for it.

    What is it Lassie? What? Timmy has fallen into the well? Let's go! Jeesh.

    (Give me a minute. Gotta go get something from the fridge for him
    Back in a minute.)

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