Remember them, from time to time

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  • free2beme

    “Remember them from time to time”

    We sail through this life collecting memories that we cherish. These memories might be a simple laugh from time to time, as we think about something that happened a long time ago. These memories may be a tender moment that we will never forget. Perhaps the day we starred into our loved ones eyes, as we said “I do” or the first moments we shared with our new born child and felt them grab our finger with their small soft hand. These memories in life, take us back in time to a moment that went unnoticed by most, but were the life we had and experienced and treasured.

    In the time one lives, this journey across life’s ocean with the sails caught in the wind blowing us forward, ever faster then we thought possible. Sometimes we face the storms that remind us that we loss the ones we loved and shared this voyage with. Their memories, however, remain on board, reminding us of why were still here. The winds are ever blowing, the sails ever filled, but yet we must sometimes stop and take these memories and cast them to the deepest part of our dwelling and slow this journey from time to time, maybe for a second or maybe for a day. Holding it firm upon the strong foundation that is our love for this life, and those who shared it with us. Solid memories that keep us in one place long enough, to hear the voices of those lost, to see the images of them laughing and telling us stories of their own journey that brought them to us. Smiling as you sit their and realize that the sun it setting and the sun is rising, and even though they are no longer with you in your continued journey, these memories allow you to have them share these moments with you from a location far deeper then you ever felt before, a location deep with in your heart.

    For days do move by, the wind does ever fill our sails to move on and we add more memories and more joyful moments to each day that passes. Memories within us will ever be the anchor that helps one to remember those who have moved on, holding us strong and steady with the joys that life brought us and the times we shared together. A heart that is full, and strong and ever more growing to allow these days to pass and ever reminding us, that joy and love are not just about where we are going, but more important it is the connection of strength and confidence that allows us to know how wonderful the journey forward will be and how as long as we have those memories to anchor us back, we will never be alone on any journey today, or where the future will take us, tomorrow.

    Set sail, cast your destination upon your life, journey forward to that third star from the right and straight on till morning, happy memories are what give life it’s meaning, and meaning is what allows us to truly live and to truly live, means to know your destination is as much about the joy you hope for, as it is about the love you bring with you. Love of this life, fills yours sails to move forward, but you are never alone. Never alone, as long as you remember where you been, and those your shared the journey with.

    Just take time to remember them, from time to time.

  • free2beme

    I should add an explanation. I was asked to write something to read at my spouses grandfather's services this weekend and this is what I wrote. I kind of just posted it up there to see if it sounded okay. As I am often my own worse critic, and everything I write I generally hate later. So I wanted some feedback, if people were willing to give it.

  • prophecor

    It's a very moving commentary. I'm assuming it's for a funeral service? If so, those in attendance will be moved as well.

  • Beachbender

    free2beme very well written! and "thanks"! So very true.

    Sorry for your familie`s loss

  • serendipity

    My condolences. I like the piece and would be honored to have that presented at my funeral.

  • free2beme

    Thanks, it all went well. I actually like funerals that are not Witness ones. As you actually talk about the person who died and not the faith they belonged too.

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