Microsoft -India -Islam- Democracy

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  • stillajwexelder

    Microsoft have jumped o nthe bandwagon and with other high tech companies investing in India. You do not see huge capital inflows into countries such as Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan. Could it be Islamic Fundamentalist are shooting themselves in the foot. A COMPANY WANTS TO INVEST WHERE THERE IS STABILITY. Fundamentalist Islam does not offer this

  • metatron

    The amusing aspect of this was pointed out by the guy who wrote The World Is Flat: Muslims think of themselves like a software

    release , "God 3.0". Christians would be "2.0", Jews would be "1.0". Hindus are at the bottom as pagan idolators. If they race

    ahead in development, it's just another slap in the face for Allah's followers.

    I do think that some Muslim leaders are waking up and realizing what a mess they've allowed to exist. Even the Saudi's are getting

    are getting concerned. I heard a rumor that Kuwaiti oil fields may be getting tapped out. Meanwhile, Gov. Rendell in Pennsylvania

    is publically claiming that coal to oil plants could output at much less than the current price of oil/diesel or nat gas. He just commissioned

    such a plant and the Gov. of Montana may do the same.


  • skyman

    Let hope they get on the band wagon so all the hate will go away and the world will be more peaceful

  • stillajwexelder

    Agreed - let hate go away and lets have a world full of trade so we all get richer

  • Elsewhere

    Ironically the people in the fundamentalist Islamic countries that hate America and the west are moving to America and the west in droves.

    Make up your damn mind... do you hate the west or love it?

    I think they are just jealous of what we have accomplished and are embarrassed of the piss pore backward countries they’ve build for themselves in the middle of worthless barren deserts.

  • stillajwexelder

    You have summed it up in a sentence Elsewhere

  • Satanus

    I heard that people in iran are very well of, financially. There is lots of industry and commerce going on. Iran does a lot of trade w europe, russia and china.


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