The organization allots 72 million annually for missions!

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  • Atlantis

    Scroll down to the next to the last paragraph.

    Armenian News Network / Groong

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    From Secterianism To Colored Revolution - One Step

    FROM SECTARIANISM TO COLORED REVOLUTION - ONE STEP A1+ | 17:05:13 | 06-12-2005 | Social | An underground organization the branch of which took part in the "orange" revolution in Ukraine is functioning in Armenia at present. It is remarkable that the organization is a religious or to be more precise a sectarian one. According to the Director of the center for rehabilitation and assistance Alexander Amaryan the organization was founded in Nigeria and belongs to charismats. In Ukraine this organization led into streets 50 thousand people and then head of the Ukrainian branch was appointed Yuschenko's advisor. After the "orange" revolution one of the organization heads arrived in Armenia. "No one tried to find out why he came here," Alexander Amaryan said. The center employees are studying the activities of all the sects that can threaten Armenia's security. There is hearsay that the Armenian branch of the sect is headed by some Aram Asatryan. Today the interaction of sectarianism and "colored" revolutions was discussed in Zerkalo club. Both problems are connected financing, since it is known that many sects are functioning as foundations and philanthropic organizations. Representative of the Armenian Apostolic Church Ghevond Mayilyan considers that during the soviet period the Church received a serious blow and now it does not possess enough means to struggle against sects. According to Amaryan, the number Jehovah Witnesses doubled in Armenia. The organization allots $72 million annually for missions. Amaryan said that to date various business fields belong to various sects. Thus the gold and brilliant market belongs to Jehovah Witnesses, the construction and hotel business is controlled by Mormons while Evangelists are engaged in meat production. Alexander Amaryan also informed that presently over 100 thousand people are sectarians, while 300-350 thousand are the parishioners not of the Armenian Apostolic Church but of its branches. Thus the flock of the AAC makes 60%.
  • wanda

    They may be good with gold and bullion but not people.

  • serendipity

    I believe this refers to the cost of covering the expenses of CO's and missionaries.

  • TopHat

    I have yet to understand what "Gold and Brilliant Market: means!

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee
    $72 million annually for missions


    cost of covering the expenses of CO's and missionaries

    Isn't that a bit much annually?

    Are they by any chance dealing with the courts in that country? Perhaps that is where the money is going.

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