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  • ballistic

    people that hear voices telling them to do things always end up murdering someone. Why not voices telling people to make someone a nice cup of tea, or voices to pay a compliment to someone or give to charity?

    Hey - I am no way trying to take the piss out of anyone with these kind of mental illnesses, just a genuine question having watched films two nights running dramatising murders caused by people hearing voices.

    There is a deeper issue here, why when things go wrong with the brain do they deviate to the "evil" and not to the "good".

  • Seeker4

    Maybe it's because we never hear about the people who hear voices telling them to bake bread for the neighbors, dig a ditch around the garden swing, or stand naked in front of the television, beating your chest and and yelling "Hats! Not enough people are wearing hats!"

    And admit it, not even a Scorsese or a Hitchcock could make an interesting film about these folks. Well, perhaps about that last gentleman...


  • weeble

    I've always wondered that too. Or like how people with tourettes always cuss but never say nice things.

  • ballistic

    Actually I believe that is a fallacy that tourettes sufferers always use swearwords, or so I'm told. Could I be wrong though about those illnesses (schizophrenic?) where people hear voices?

    Is it possible that when things break down in the cerbral cortex, the brain reverts to working at a lower more primitive level? For instance, certain creatures can see nothing wrong with mating with someone then biting their head off for a snack. Or am I starting to sound really ignorant now?

  • Soledad

    I'm certain that people who do good things hear a "voice," whether it is their own voice or some higher power's voice. Unfortunately those are not the people who gain a lot of attention.

  • avishai
    people that hear voices telling them to do things always end up murdering someone

    That's a pretty broad brush. Only around 10% of schizophrenics are violent. Plus, good things don't make good copy.

    And, no, tourettes sufferers with involuntary verbalizations don't always swear. Once again, they are just the ones that get the most news copy.

  • Elsewhere

    The voices in my head told me to tell you to stop asking stupid questions.

  • ballistic
    The voices in my head told me to tell you to stop asking stupid questions.

    Thanks... the voice in my head told me to stop giving stupid answers.

  • bigmouth

    Aarrrrggghhh the voices! the voices....always the voices.........

  • under74

    My paternal grandmother was schizophrenic. She didn't hurt anyone...she did kill herself but probably wouldn't have if a trusted elder hadn't told her to stop taking her medication because the voices were demons and prayer was the only thing that could help.

    I also have a friend with tourettes that never curses. He has what looks like involuntary sneezes and snorts now and then...nothing like the sudden profane outbursts I tend to have even without tourettes.

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