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    Some 5 years ago here in Flagstaff, Arizona, a POS by the name of Eric Clark killed Flagstaff police officer Jeff Moritz. The parents, of some wealth, immediately rose to defend their son. WHY??!! If he did it, he DID it and it is time to face the music. Buck up and be the man you thought you were when you pulled that trigger. Well, they tried the insanity defense but the punk went to jail anyway. Well, now the case is going to the U.S. Supreme Court saying the poor dear didn't get to plead insanity "right" by Arizona law and it wasn't fair. Oh, boo hoo hoo!

    An article on MSNBC about misbehaving children in public mentioned a cafe in Chicago that put up a sign. Sign said, "Children of all ages have to behave and use their indoor voices". Simple, right? This after kids were wrecking the place and disurpting everyone else's dining. What did the parents of these brats do? They're screaming how UNFAIR it is! How dare he! He can't say that about their little dears!

    I go to the supermarket, there's a kid poking holes in the wrapped packages of meat, fish, and lobster. I said, "Hey, son, don't do that! People eat that! Those animals died for people to eat! Show some respect!" Here comes mom, "Don't tell MY kid what to do! You're NOT his parent!" I said, "Well, then lady, start ACTING like a parent! This is why food rises in price! This isn't YOUR store and YOUR food!" The next week, here's another kid going through the produce smashing plums.

    Ok, first, what makes these people think their kids are so precious?! They're NOT! They're little tyrants in the making. I do NOT have to love everyone else's kids or think they're "cute" when they're destroying food.

    The fact is, people these days do not discipline their kids. The permissiveness of liberalism and the rise of "time-out" parneting ("You stop that or you'll get a time out") has led to the 100% increase in kids that do whatever they please. Parents sue teachers when their little angel gets a "F". Oh, but giving them a F will hurt their self-esteem so they don't even give a F grade anymore. Kids never learn the BASIC rules of society! The parents don't teach it!

    And so, when these kids grow up, never having learned the basics of civil behavior, the parents expect the government to "fix" it. So, when the cops bring teenage Johnny home one night drunk, the parents think the cops are "harrassing" their little Johnny and whine to the city council about it. Later, having gotten away with consecutively more terrible behavior, these kids go further and further. Then, one day, a cop tries to stop them and gets gunned down. And the damn parent STILL defends the little angel...

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    I remember I was at a birthday party for a 3 year old kid. The kid's parents had rented one of those air bouncers and some big kids had taken over and were running over the little kids. When I say big kids I mean young teenagers. Well I jumped up and told the big kids to get out and one of them got sassy. I had a few choice words for him to which he reponded that he was going to get his mama. I said let's go. Do you know that this silly woman told me that my yelling at her son had hurt his feelings?!! I told her that if he got hurt that easily that he had a long road to tow. There was no concern on this woman's part that her son was misbehaving, putting young kids at risk, and being disrespectful of an adult. Nope it was all about her child's feelings.


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