As a JW did you ever have a personal relationship with God?

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  • oldflame

    I remember the elder that was studing with me told me one day while we were out knocking on doors one day, he said to me " You can't get Jehovahs spirit unless you are out knocking on doors" I thought okay well I have been knocking on doors for some time now and howcome I don't feel Jehovahs spirit then. ? As I sat here and read this thread I began to think back when I was involved, did I really feel Gods presence while I was in ? To be perfectly honest ? NO I did not feel a personal relationship with God while being a witness.

    Now that I have found the truth in Christ and attend a nice friendly church I feel Gods presence all the time. I can actually feel his spirit often. That is an awesome feeling when you feel Gods Holy Spirit and is something that is faked inside the WTBS.

  • nicolaou

    I did. I absolutely did. Now I'm an atheist - make of that what you will.

  • AuldSoul

    Yes, but I don't know how someone could by doing things the way they are told to do them. JWs are encouraged to read the Bible and study the Bible study aids. They are told if they only study the Bible, without the Bible study aids, they will revert right back to apostate doctrines.

    It is true. There is no way to come up with JW theology from the Bible alone. It is just very odd that they admit it.

    But, I really had a personal relationship with God. And now I am no longer one of Jehovah's Witnesses. Make of that what you will.


    P.S. just read nicolaou's post...the similar wording was coincidence, not a dig.

  • nicolaou

    No worries AS

    Did you notice the scans I posted for you on your previous topic?

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I certainly thought I did. I never made a move without prayer and looking at what I believed were the scriptural requirements.

    I think of that now, like I think of all religions - a relationship with God is a personal thing, so the dictates of one's religion do not box God out of the picture. Once one becomes aware that the organization is evil, that relationship would force one to leave. That is what I have done.

    Of course, one's relationship with God will improve if he leaves a wicked religion like the Watchtower cult - but it always remains a personal relationship.

    Just my opinion


  • AuldSoul

    THANKS nicolaou!!! Just printed them off. Between that and the library resources from Leolaia I think I can build a simple, compelling case with timeline visual aids.


  • peacefulpete

    Yes I had a VERY personal relationship with Jehovah. He lived in my mind.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    At first I called him "Mister" God. Then as I became more spiritual I called him Jehovah. When we got closer I would regularly call him "Jah". There were times when we would hang out and I just called him "J". We've grown apart since I went back to school. He's always maintaining the Universe and I'm doing homework. Seems we never talk any more. One time I ran into him while driving to school when a semi almost hit me, but that was only for a second and he was gone. One day maybe we'll catch up on old times, like when he bought me a new suit for the District Convention. He always met my hearts desire. Its hard to forget that kind of friendship. I hope he's got plenty of friends keeping him busy. Always liked that God.


  • serendipity


    You may think that a JW would always say that s/he has a relationship with God. Evidently, the WTS realizes that people have a problem with that. I remember a WT or Awake article that mentioned that some people had bad relationships with their fathers, so they have a hard time desiring or developing a relationship with God. The WTS also published the "Draw Close to Jehovah" book, which is an outstanding publication. It's a problem for JWs.


    When I was a serious JW, I feared God, so I tried to keep His commandments. It wasn't until I became a disillusioned JW, trying to make sense of what I was experiencing and not experiencing, that caused me to turn to Him and rely on Him, more out of desperation and almost as a last resort. It's just been in the past few years that I've developed a semblance of a relationship and I turn to God for guidance much more quickly. Coincidentally, I'm more at peace as well, as Phillipians 2 promises.

  • JamesThomas


    The occasional feeling of closeness to God as a JW is what makes me doubt if anyone is ever really close to God, or if God is just something we make up in our heads.

    My feelings are there is some real wisdom showing here.

    Because of the correlation, If I may, I would like to now quote defd:

    Thinking of Him and Jesus with every move I make. Wanting to please them and make them proud of me and a sadness of displeasing them.

    When we think of something, we engrave mental images in our head which are not the actual thing thought of. Thinking of food is not the food; and if I continue to think of the food as I eat it, the actual pleasure and reality of the food will be missed. The most joy is through silent presense and attentiveness to the tastes, aromas, colors and indescribable (un-think-able) nuances of what we call food.

    If being present, without thought, is how to we have the most meaningful relationship with food, or a sunset, or anything else for that matter, how much more so when it comes to God, our real Source and Sustenance?

    The word G-O-D, is closely related to the word T-R-U-T-H. What they point to is often sensed as synonymous. Truth, is what is actual and real. As mentioned, thinking and thoughts, are not the real thing that is being thought of. So, what is real? What is actual and true right now?

    Is it not this present moment of aliveness and existence? In and around us we are surrounded and permeated with truth, and yet we seek for God, in thoughts and beliefs, in empty images engraved in our mind? What kind of sense does this make?

    Why not instead, seek for God in the existing pool of truth and reality presently available? Why not give more precious attention to the warm and intimate sense of being and aliveness within and around us, rather than barren words form a book, or thoughts?

    There is an old story about a very religious man who while diligently praying and thinking about God, God taps him on the shoulder, and the man says "Go away! Don't bother me! Can't you see I'm having a relationship with God!!!

    I have found within the depths of simple, silent and open presence with life, there is no need for a relationship with God. Because, there is realized to be no separation between us. The mind's beliefs and thoughts never revealed this. I had to be very, very still, and know...

    To answer the question directly: the Witnesses only filled my mind with false images and directed all my attention to them. I eventually let go of all beliefs and mental concepts regarding God. Gave up on all religions and scriptures (thoughts). Only then was there the first glimmer of light.

    Never think, that what you seek, you do not already have. Never think that what the word G-O-D points to, is too small and tiny to not be here now.


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