Share your "paranoid you'd get busted" story

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  • FreeWilly

    Here's mine:

    I was 2500 miles away from any JW I knew. I'm in the public library and I pick out Ray Franz's book "Crisis of Conscience". I was immediatly enthralled by it, but totally paranoid I'd get caught !! So I get another book to set it inside while I'm reading so no one can see the cover. Who the hell did I think was gonna catch me?

  • serendipity

    Along those same lines, I was at the library looking up the Franz book in the online card catalog which is in the middle of the library along the main walkway. I had one eye on the screen and one eye on my surroundings cuz I didn't want to get busted. As it turns out, it's not at the library. I was going to check on some other "apostate" books, but lost my courage.

    Another time as I drove into the supermarket parking lot with a 'worldly' ex-boyfriend, I noticed my PO loading groceries. I whipped in beside an SUV, which obscured my smaller car, and watched the PO from a distance to ensure he'd left before I would even get out of the car.

  • seek2find

    I read Coc about 10 years ago. I had a christian business aquanitance get it for me. (I was to scared to go to the Christian book store). I kept it hid in my office desk dwawer in a computer software box that was the perfect size. I'd take it out of the box to read and then return it when done. I no longer have it. It was destroyed when it was found out that I had read it. i still don't regret reading it, I just wish I could get my wife to. seek2find

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