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  • YoursChelbie

    How many times have we heard the argument that the Witnesses must be the true and only channel God is using because 99% of what they teach is accurate? Even if that were the case, who would drink a glass of water with 1% poison content?

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff


    But what if it was 99% poison and only 1% water. That would be a closer ratio.


  • forsharry

    I think they want you to make the comparison of the WT as being chemo.

    You have the cancer.

    If you take the chemo you will have a 99% chance of survival.

    I think I'll have the filet.

  • mrsjones5
    must be the true and only channel God

    just has to be (because if it isnt I'm a fool)

    Isn't there a name for is "false arguement"?


  • forsharry

    Ad hominim - Attacking the individual instead of the argument. Appeal to force - The hearer is told that something bad will happen to him if he does not accept the argument. Appeal to pity - The hearer is urged to accept the argument based upon an appeal to emotions, sympathy, etc. Appeal to the popular - the hearer is urged to accept a position because a majority of people hold to it. Appeal to tradition - trying to get someone to accept something because it has been done or believed for a long time. Begging the Question - Assuming the thing to be true that you are trying to prove. It is circular. Cause and Effect - assuming that the effect is related to a cause because the events occur together. Circular Argument - see Begging the Question Equivocation - The same term is used in an argument in different places but the word has different meanings. False Dilemma - Two choices are given when in actuality there could be more choices possible. Genetic Fallacy - The attempt to endorse or disqualify a claim because of the origin or irrelevant history of the claim Guilt by Association - R ejecting an argument or claim because the person proposing it likes someone is disliked by another. Non Sequitar - Comments or information that do not logically follow from a premise or the conclusion. Poisoning the well - Presenting negative information about a person before he/she speaks so as to discredit the person's argument. Red Herring - The introduction of a topic not related to the subject at hand. Special Pleading (double standard) - Applying a different standard to another that is applied to oneself. Straw Man Argument - Producing an argument to attack that is a weaker representation of the truth. <sorry bout entered before I was done posting>

  • mrsjones5

    thank you forsharry Begging the Question - that's it!

    I knew someone would know what that is. We have alot of smart people here.

  • forsharry


    As I was reading through these fallacies of argumentation I was struck by just how many the JWs employ to try to convert or keep its peeps in line.

  • AuldSoul

    If you got the ball to your opponents 1 yard line, did you score a touchdown?


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