WT's Strong Hold on the In-active

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  • wednesday

    yew it makes a big difference that a person only fell into sin as oppossed to walking away from the org. they often tell you you may have committed the unfrogiveable sin.


  • sandy

    It is not only sad but frustrating to see most of my immediate family so clueless.

    They live in fear of armageddon and in fear of me not making it through. They are so hypicritical. None of them live up to the non-sense they preach. It doesn't make me mad just sad.

    I wish they would wake up? I have to watch all my nieces and my nephew grow up in a dysfunctional family in

    the same way I and my siblings did.

    I just don't understand why they don't get it.

  • limbogirl

    What do you expect when you're brought up in an org/religion that perpetuates such fear? I look at my beautiful, happy two and a half year old son and I can't figure out how at that age, my parents had already extablished in me beliefs about wicked people, armageddon, the demons and on and on. If my son were to demonstrate the vocabulary or behavior that I had at his age I would seek medical/psychiatric treatment for him immediately. I remember going to an amusement park when I was four and one of the rides had a scary theme -- I screamed and cried all the way through that the demons were in the ride and were trying to get me. I wonder what the people around us must have thought to see a little girl so upset and screaming for jehovah to save her from the demons. I used to be scared to close my eyes at night because demons might get in my room. When I was 12 I saw my brother eat some forbidden birthday cake and I practically had a nervous breakdown. I was so terrified by what would happen to him for eating that cake. At the age of three I said prayers that included things like, please jehovah, kill all the wicked people and make them suffer for turning their backs on you. what little kid do you know would say such things?? I saw the book Crisis of Conscience once at a bookstore and felt like I had just been shocked -- I was so scared of even being around it that I left immediately. Even when you're out of this mess it takes a long long time to get over the fear that is so deeply imbedded and for some of us at such a young age. It's psychological child abuse. period. Your brother might just not want to revisit this chapter in his life. I've personally gotten to a point where I can laugh at a lot of this but it will always be there lurking.

  • Sheepish

    Yeah, growing up my unbeliveing Dad had "40 Years a Watchtower Slave" and I had the same cold ooky feelings just seeing it. I once picked it up and flipped through it, and it just felt so spooky.

    I have a brother-in-law who became a witness for his wife, then left after the kids got abused at a book study and other stuff, but still won't talk about it. He says he knows he's going to die at Armagedon-just can't be that good, and he is living life like he wants, except that cloud it leaves over you. I keep praying one day he and my sister will hear something that will help them get free. Appparently it can't come from me.

  • confused_101

    It's is crazy the feeling that I get when I am researching into religion. I feel as if I am being the worst person that there is. I am going against all that I was brought up to believe and do. I remember hearing over and over again at the meetings to "pay no attention to apostates, don't even look in their general direction, let all their words go in one ear and out the other". Why is the society so affraid of JW hearing something other than what they are being brainwashed to believe? Are they affraid that everyone will realize that it's a scam and that there is more out there then what is being drilled into their heads. My hubby's grandmother has a book (The 40yr WT slave, I believe) I got it off her book shelf and I was looking through it and I felt that I was committing a major sin, even though I have had nothing to do with JW in about 3yrs. Even just in everyday life, there are thoughts that come up and I'm shocked that I am still influenced by it.

    Off subject- I always wondered why at the KH there was never really a place for moms to go with their babies. Now there are more halls that have a seperate room, but not when I had my first son. Also they expect the children to sit still for 2hrs and never make a sound (you get looks when they do fuss)it is amazing that the brainwashing begins at such an early age, and we never knew it until we stepped outside the circle and really looked.

  • TallTexan

    I have a really good friend who has been completely 'wordly' for years now. Yet he was the first one to blast me for being on 'apostate' websites. I thought he, of all people, would be 'primed'. It's really weird how they can be totally out of the WT, living totally in the world, and still feel some type of loyalty. But, they're not a cult, right?????? >:-/

  • Mysterious

    They believe the lie that they are just weak and they feel bad because they don't feel they can follow it and know they will be destroyed for not doing so. They quite often do not have the initative to look into the belief system since they have never been faced with a DA or a DF and find it easier to coast along. But this still makes them very insecure about their status and position, at least in my opinion.

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