Intelligent Design and Real World Nastiness

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    Enigma you have me all wrong,

    I'm seething because it took me ages to write a section of a small theory I'm experimenting with, broswer crashed and I lost everything. I'm bouncing my ideas off abaddon to see what he thinks.

  • Spectrum

    Heathen you mock me.

  • Spectrum


    Apologies. I got confused because you spoke of ID then said

    "However the task of reconciling the idea of a munificent Designer with the reality of life is is not without a few hurdles."

    so i linked munificent to ID as a hurdle to ID but forgot that you were addressing a religious ID.

  • Abaddon


    How horrid! I hate it when that happens - word to the wise, write long posts in Notepad (not Word, it screws-up the formatting), C&P into the browser. Thanks for letting me know; I look forward to your reply.

    Enigma sweetie, Spectrum is seething cause he lost a long post when his bowser crashed, get a grip man!


    Evolution does not show creatures evolving on a molecular scale . At first they claimed it was small changes in species then when they couldn't find evidence of that targeted big changes , so a whale could now in all possibility give birth to a kangeroo . How wonderful science is .......

    I really don't know why you bother.

    Anyone trying to assemble a credible argument for ID et. al. is at this point hiding their face in their hands and wishing you'd shut the copulate up, as you're doing their argument no favours what-so-ever, just volubly illustrating a long established truth that no matter how sincere and well intentioned the godidit side of the argument is, they do tend towards the clueless.

    Evolution does not show creatures evolving on a molecular scale

    Actually, molecular evidence DOES show evolution on a molecular scale, so much so that it usually confirms the relationship between living animals as previously claimed using cladistics, so much so we can see new genetic matter enter into a bacterium or be altered within a bacterium and thus speciate it. The same molecular evidence again usually validates the linkages, previously predicted using cladistics, that have been claimed for extinct species and macroevolutionary events.

    You totally and utterly have no idea what you are talking about. Or you are lying and know it. Which is it?

    so a whale could now in all possibility give birth to a kangeroo

    Nah. But whales with legs are occasionally born, and the kinship between the animals can be demonstrated at a molecular level and confirms previous estomates of when palcental mammals and marsupials split from one another.

    . How wonderful science is .......

    Omne ignotum pro magnifico est


    Your assement of the book doesn't surprise me. ID IS used, arguably one can even say it was 'intelligently designed' as a Trojan Horse for faith-based teaching, although it doesn't logically require to be linked with any existing faith system.

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