What's the commun denominator in every JW?

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  • JH

    That's true IP_Sec, the fear of not giving in your time slip....

  • IP_SEC

    OOOHHH you want the topical fake common denominator.

  • These3Words

    I live in a Marmon rich state, and they say the same rederic. Love drives us, as they kick you out the door for not having a recomend card

  • These3Words

    My God does not have four walls !


  • JH

    When I joined, I studied the red book, live eternally on paradise earth, and one of the first chapters is about paradise earth to come.

    The first thing the JW's do is put that paradise in your mind and heart, and from there they control you.

    I think that there is only one commun denominator and that's fear....and that fear can break up in many parts such as:

    Fear of the elders, fear of not being in paradise earth, fear of losing family members.

  • These3Words

    Humans want and need to feel included in something greater than themselves. We all look up to something or someone.

  • doofdaddy

    Soon after the paradise hope is held out to new jws the fear of displeasing god is inserted.

    Slowly the paradise fades and the fear takes over.

    Then guilt of never being good enough.

    I transfered this guilt on to others by judging their behaviour . That is correct jw thinking

    Whether "worldly" people by telling them about paradise and what they needed to do to get there (see above) or my bros and sis so we could keep the cong "clean"

  • Golf


  • JH

    That's so true Golf.

    100110100100100100011110001011 Computer language. All 1's or 0's. Such are the JW's in their thinking.

    Either something is good or bad, white or black, no in between.

  • LDH

    Welcome these 3.

    A common denominator==the answer to every question you ask them (no matter who you ask) is answered exactly the same! They have no freedom to be an independent thinker.

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