Excuses to avoid Field Service

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  • DannyHaszard

    I can't go today s**ting blood from ulcerative colitis for (28 years) i went anyway and would often have 'episodes'.Yup,if i didn't share in the warning work i would be blood guilty & die at armageddon,besides new sytem coming any day to cure me all i have to do is just hang in there.

    Long lines at the store this month?Just think this will probably be the last pagan Christmas and next season we will be in paradise raking up their bones.

    Got to get ready for service now bye.....Danny Haszard

  • oldflame

    I peersonally did not make excuses and went faithfully 5 days a week. My mother on the other hand could walk all over yard sales and to shopping malls but continues to use her disability to excuse her from service work.

  • ronin1


    I have not posted in a long time because we moved from New York to Florida in 2003 and I have just been so busy.

    However, I never gave any excuses to anyone. If I did not want to go out in field service and did not. If someone asked me why I was not out, I simply told them I have other things to do.

    Plain and simple. I never cared what other persons thought or said. I was always a rebel.

    P.S.- The JW's here in South Florida are worse than up North, in New York City, etc. They have not a 'clue' about what is going on in the organization. They are clearly 'robots'.


  • Evanescence

    Has any of you literally went into a Kingdom Hall on crutches or a Wheelchair and kept this up for weeks?

    I don't know weather or not my friend was pulling my leg, but he said thats what his mum did


  • Finally-Free
    Has any of you literally went into a Kingdom Hall on crutches or a Wheelchair and kept this up for weeks?

    When I was a relatively new JW I went to meetings and in serviceā„¢ for weeks on crutches. I even did "street work" on crutches, and when I lost my home due to injury and unemployment I had to move while on crutches.


  • technics1200

    Would meet for field service

    and say " i don't want any territory... Im going on return visits today.... And the eff off back home.... lol

  • Bangalore



  • Heaven

    I didn't make up any excuses. Here's what I said:

    "But Mom, you don't go out in serve-us!"

    And...when she tried to guilt me with the 'you-risk-your-eternal-life' BS:

    "Mom, there is no scripture that says handing out Watchtower and Awake! magazines ensures eternal life. I've looked for it. It doesn't exist."

  • seenitall

    I'm not prepared - haven't read the magazines.

    I feel like crap!

    I'm mad and don't want to get others that way.

    My day of rest - after all it is the sabbath.

    I have a hangover.

    The cat has my tongue.

    I have a bad attitude.

    I hate the door to door and want to do bus stops, rvs, studies or anything but door to door.

    Jeh can read my heart, and it is not into this stupid ritual, so I can't be a hypocrite!

  • 3Mozzies

    I HATED Field Circus so much!!!

    What a pure waste of time.

    I would use the excuse of not feeling well many times or I have something on today (yeah enjoying my weekend) people viewed me as 'spiritually weak' ... but i really didn't care too much because I had free time on the weekends.

    When I heard: "When on vacation we should go to 'meetings' and 'field service'", I remember saying to my close friends: "Yeah right, what dork would do that?" ... we heard of many dorky JWs doing just that!

    Does anyone know if any of the wise old farts (Governing Body Men) go out in 'field service'?

    Or do they use the excuse: "We are busy receiving 'New Light', so we can't go out"


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