Tacoma Dome Parking scandal? please inform

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  • Beta Male
    Beta Male

    I went to many a convention there. Whats this about?

  • blondie
  • metatron

    Look for more information about it at freeminds.org

    There was an elder/city overseer who started having doubts about the organization. In typically arrogant fashion, they did a 'witch hunt'

    on him and disfellowshipped him for apostasy. He then exposed the Watchtower Society's shady deals on parking at conventions.

    It seems that many convention facilities have stipulations in their contracts that if you rent their facility and charge for parking, you

    gotta give them a percentage of the parking revenue - which the Society carefully avoided doing by asking for 5 dollar parking tickets at the

    Kingdom Halls beforehand. This exposure forced the Society to suddenly end this parking ticket arrangement, announcing this in the

    US Kingdom Ministry.

    It's wonderful to see these arrogant "Theocrats" reap what they sow by mistreating people - and having it cost them money.


  • Beta Male
    Beta Male

    thanks for the replies, id never heard of this until today.

    but i do remember the parking ticket arrangement being changed.

    and there you have it.

  • observador

    I don't see any date in the article.

    When did that happen?

    I remember as recently as 2000, in our cong, we were stil paying the parking fee...


  • PoppyR

    Now it's all starting to make sense, about 5 years ago our summer convention was moved from a football ground to an inner city are with NO parking whatsoever! And then we were all shuttled on the buses which basically you were very unchristian if you did not use and charged extortionate prices to use them. I never did, because leaving 2 hours before we needed to, and paying 4 times what we would when we took the car and parked just did not appeal. There were so many complaints and why did we not use the football ground etc, but if this is a unilateral decision it all starts to add up!

    poppy x

  • VM44

    zev posted the text of the article, "Stealing the Collection Plate", in this posting from 2001.

    scams, scams and more scams http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/3768/1.ashx

    zev made the very interesting comment that after stopping the collection of parking fees, the convention expenses went up!!

    If one source of money is no more, then another source has to make up for the lost income!

    Obviously, all these conventions were expected to provide a certain amount of revenue for The Watcthower!


  • VM44

    The article, "Stealing the Collection Plate," was published in the Tacoma Reporter, volume 5, issue 29, July 20, 2000. pages 5,6.

    Here are scans of the article from http://www.watchtowernews.org/tacomapark.htm

    Stealing the Collection Plate 1

    Stealing the Collection Plate 2

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    That's kinda cool to see. That's my cousin! Bruce and his wife were axed and no one would say why, just apostacy. Now I see he was actually doing something quite laudable.

    I don't live in the same state and haven't seen him since 1997.

    You go Bruce!


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