Knowledge That Leads to Everlasting Life: Help needed

by jstalin 10 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • wannabe

    Hi All!

    Doesn't the Bible tell us, that he who does the will of God remains forever? Does it not make sense, we would need to know what the will of God actually is? Would it not require much study of the Bible to learn exactly what the will of God for us is? Then gaining that knowledge, would we not have to act in harmony with what whatever knowledge we take in? Would not acting in harmony with said knowledge, lead us all to everlasting life as promised? Just my two cents worth, and I'm sorry that article went on so many times. I had, for some reason, a terrible time of it putting it on the Board. For a bit, I thought I had picked up a virus, but ran both of my virus checkers, and that wasn't the problem. I guess what it was, I'll never know, now, except, like me, my Computer is getting old and beginning to break down, as I am now. Wannabe

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