Are Liberal Arts Degree worth it?

by truthseeker 17 Replies latest jw friends

  • bennyk

    My college education is one of the things I most regret: the time and money foolishly wasted obtaining my liberal arts B. A. cannot be recovered. The entire experience remains a source of bitterness to this day.

    No, I don't wish to elaborate...

  • evita

    Oh please elaborate Benny
    I'm really curious now.
    I have mixed feelings about my B.A. in English LIt.

  • daniel-p

    Undergrad liberal arts degrees are great for people who want to teach and get a graduate degree in sociology, english, history, etc....
    It may not be the major that forces you to carve out your niche early on on your career, but it does serve its purpose.

  • unbeliever

    My dad told me that he would not pay 1 cent of my college if I majored in liberal arts. I chose Business and I am so glad I did.

  • Forscher

    Liberal Arts degees have their uses. As pointed out, Business majors can do well. Most Law schools want liberal Arts majors. And lawyers do make good money unless they go to work as public defenders.

    My associates was a Liberal Arts degree and my Bachelor's a Science degree. I am proud of them both whether I make a ton of money or not.


  • serendipity

    My daughter wants to get a liberal arts degree. I've told her to get a degree in business first and her second degree can be liberal arts.

  • rmt1

    Truthseeker, the ‘growth stock’ is a fantastic analysis. I'm done with my English and Classics BA as of May 06, and I have zero expectation that life thereafter will be anything but an impossible slog through a sun's heart. But, I have reason to believe that I am chemically addicted to learning and epistemologic struggle. The dopamine hit I receive on a daily basis from confronting the stultifyingly stupifying stupidity and brilliance of the cosmos has been, so far, worth more than the money I have thrown into my liberal education. I expect absolutely no one to understand this sensation, and do not yet have the monetary incentive to explain it. Since the need for liberal degrees in this consumerist, technologically enslaved era has been reduced to a low percentage, the continued admissions of a high number of liberal arts majors will ensure the punctual production of a slave class perfectly fit for jobs one increment above minimum wage. I am operating under the current paradigm that to survive and then succeed with a liberal education, you have to die trying. I.e., don't even waste a damn second thinking that your liberal B.A. actually represents a living wage: it doesn't; adjusted for technological-consumerist inflation, it represents the diploma you got in high school, is worth only as much, and is unfortunately the burning ring you must jump through to get on to your Real degree, the masters. Your mileage may vary.

  • love11

    I'm still "up in the air" about what degree I should choose. I've thought about art, architecture, psychology, social work, and the list goes on, but I still haven't been able to decide. It's hard to pick because what I would love to do and what I can make money at are two different things. I've tried to live without money and it just doesn't suit me. I want to be comfortable but I also want to enjoy my life. So it's a hard decision. Right now, I'm just taking my basics and hopefully along the way I'll figure it out. Thanks for the post.

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