I'm back and I'm a grandma!!

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  • bythesea

    Hello everyone! In case you didn't miss me that's ok!! I took off for a month and went to be with my only daughter who was expecting her first child....which is 2 weeks old today!! I just got home today and wanted to check in and say HI; checking back through the posts I see there are many new ones and that I've missed some lively conversation! I hope I can catch up on some of the topics!

    I won't bore all the fellows out there with the details of being there for the birth of my granddaughter, but will sum it up with the word AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My daughter went through 21 1/2 hrs of back labor and delivered without drugs, with the help and support of her husband, myself(a trained doula) and her midwife....my daughter was AWESOME, the baby is AWESOME, right now LIFE is totally AWESOME!!!!!! This is our first grandchild and we plan to spoil her rotten!!

    It was very strange to spend a month around my old cong. and friends there who haven't a clue that there is anything amiss with me these days....I went to meetings with my daughter and her husband, heard their CO (who said things that had me literally grinding my teeth in protest! & at one get together I called him a Nazi!LOL), spent a couple of nights in the home of the PO and his wife, had lunch several times with various sisters and couples from our old KH....all the time hoping that I was putting on a convincing show to everyone. It was nerve wracking to say the least....I felt deceitful and dishonest with people who I have sincere feelings for and care about....but knew I couldn't say anything about my true feelings about the faith. At one point my daughter questioned me about what was going on with me these days and I managed to avoid the conversation as best I could as I didn't want to cause her concern at such a time as her pending birth....but she at least knows now that I DO have "issues" that I'm working on! The cat is out of the bag with her in as gentle a way as possible.

    I guess it wouldn't matter about the friends there except that it appears that we will be moving back to the area in a couple of months and I'm going to be thrown back into close quarters with all those buddies from before...I'm going to have to figure out a plan for how to deal with them...and my daughter and her husband(a MS)....I don't want to do/say anything to give them reason to not allow me to build a connection with this new little person in my life. I'm open to input on this subject!!

    So, carry on, gang!! Its sooooo good to be back home!! Bythesea

  • Purza

    Welcome back and congrats on the new addition.



    Congratulations Grandma!!! It's nice to hear that everything went well and baby is fine!!! It sounds to me like you might need to take acting classes to get through a move back in the area. There are some who post here that are caught in staying in for now for various reasons. Hope you can work it out so that you feel comfortable with whatever decision you decide to make.


  • Es

    Welcome back and many congrats on the birth of your grand daughter


  • fullofdoubtnow

    welcome back and congratulations

  • lisavegas420

    Congradulations on the grandbaby...aren't they the greatest...

    How will your daugher react when she finds out how you now feel about the wbts? Will she limit your contact with your new baby? Will her husband take over and control her around you? Please be very careful. Keep us posted.


  • bull01lay

    Congrats on becoming a grannie bythesea - hugs to your new family addition !

    Been a grandad now for 3 years... and I'm only 35 !!! (No bull!)


  • bythesea

    Thanks everyone!

    Lisa: I don't know how she'll respond, with what was said already between us I got the feeling she was concerned but oddly enough her initial reaction was one of thinking that I was elevating myself above her, that I was claiming superiority because I knew stuff she didn't know...??!! Also, that it made her wonder if I felt she was stupid for believing it was the Truth still. It was an odd reaction, I thought...not one I would have expected. I don't know what to expect down the road...I have a good relationship with both her and her husband, so don't know. I know I can't count on that to always be there if they think I've turned apostate!

    Bully....WOW! Grandad at 35!! My cousin beats you on that one, tho! Grandma at 30!! Daughter followed her mom's example and got pg at age 15...easy math! Sounds like you're enjoy your role!


  • anewme

    Congratulations By The Sea!!!! I've been wanting to congratulate you all morning. I would be on cloud nine too!

    That said, I see trouble a brewin'! I saw a quick fast forward to the day you disclose your true feelings to your daughter and son in law. That beautiful baby girl will be quickly snatched from your loving arms and placed in the arms of another if they think you are apostate.

    I beg you to keep your feelings to yourself for awhile. It is not worth it to jeopardize this happiness.
    I fear for you and your granddaughter.
    Just play along like you did. Just smile and focus on the baby.

  • GoingGoingGone

    Congratulations Grandma!!

    Enjoy the baby... and your daughter! I'm glad you're back home safe and sound!


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