What would you want Madzay to make for ex-JWs?

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  • AuldSoul

    I was just thinking about all the crap Madzay makes for JWs, and I think it would be very good to have some of those Scripture greeting cards they have for writing to JWs. Just with different Scriptures than they use now.

    What do you think? Could we get some Madzay stuff that would help wake up JWs? If so, what would you want them to make?

  • proandcon

    good question ...how about a deck of cards with thought provoking questions ...such as..

    - has the WTS ever been a member of the UN?

    - would Jesus understand the WTS blood policy?

    - where in the bible does it say you you report any time?

    - what is the main attributes of a cult?

    - etc, etc...may put questions in their heads ...questions could lead to real answers later...

  • Confession

    How about a post card featuring a group shot of the Governing Body? Underneath would be this caption...

    "Do not put your trust in nobles...to whom no salvation belongs."-Psalm 146:3, 4

  • Outaservice



  • onesong

    How about a JW retro calendar having old assembly themes or great quotes as:

    "Millions now living will never die!"

    "Religion is a snare and a racket!"

    "Deliverance is at hand!"

  • AuldSoul

    Good ideas! I especially like Confession's suggestion.

    That has bothered me for a long time. On the one hand JWs are told not to trust nobles nor earthling men, and on the other hand they are told to have implicit confidence in them as the only means through which they can attain to salvation.

    Outaservice, proandcon, and onesong, your ideas are cool, too. proandcon, I can picture a trivia game like their Bible characters cards.


    Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc.

    1. Joined the UN Department of Public Information for 10 years between 1991 and 2001

    2. Collects unannounced monies from its larger gatherings

    3. Claims its publications are uninspired

    4. Claims its publications are spirit-directed

    5. Claims its publications are fallible

    6. Claims its publications are communicating "the Word of God"

    7. W. H. Conley was its first president

    8. C. T. Russell was its second president

    9. It is now a subsidiary of the Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses

    10. It is based in Brooklyn, New York, USA

    How many Witnesses would guess correctly before Clue #8?


  • MerryMagdalene

    Presenting--Yazdam Products...for the discerning X-JW:

    Aposta-checks--printed with reasons for not donating any $ and corresponding web-site addresses (as designed by Richie Rich and Ezekiel3). Suitable for stuffing contribution boxes, mailing direct to the Society, and giving to door-to-doorers who don't know any better than to stop at your house.
    Greeting Cards--nostalgic (and embarassing) WTS pictures and quotes. Get the assortment pack or choose from Pyramid, Cross & Crown, Pleides, Christmas at Bethel, Beth Sarim, Booze Rutherford, and more.
    Aposta-fest Name Tags--printed with JWD forum name and avatar.
    Expiration Date/Ms. Yuck Warning Stickers--to be added to any WTS publications found in laundromats and waiting rooms.
    Non-Prophet Calendars--featuring a different failed prophesy every month (and the great excuses that followed them)!
    "Good News" Armageddon Post Cards--scary WTS Armageddon "art."
    "Wish You Were Here" Paradise Post Cards--scary WTS Paradise "art."
    Quotes Protest Aposta-Tees--(front) "no quotes" logo (crossed out quotation marks in a circle) with Don't Quote Us On That... (back)...Or We'll Sue You! [and website address of a Quotes mirror site]
    Meeting & Convention Survival Kits for the Captive Audiance--(needs a bit more thought)
    Scarlet Letter Aposta-Tee--(front) large, bold, red capital "A" followed by a small "postate" (back) "Branded for LIFE!"
    "Mother May I"-- adult couples board game comprised of the really stupid rules and regulations you are no longer obliged to follow
    Blood Fractions Wine Goblets--tasteful etched design comprised of acceptable blood fractions.

    ...ok, so it's a bit more than Madzay...but I missed this the first time through and when I saw it tonight, my imagination ran wild...anybody else feeling creative?

    (And if anybody can and wants to actually do something with any of these ideas that would be cool!)


  • slugga

    My very first real Apostate act -

    An Apostate greeting card for dubs -


    Am I going to Hell now?



  • bebu

    Merry, that was an incredible list! I can really see some of those things actually being sold somewhere. I especially loved the greeting cards, the apostafest name tags, and Quotes protest T-shirts. Wow!

    If some of the pictures/images from the WTS are not copyrighted, they would make some pretty amazing cards. A photo of CT Russell's pyramid grave marker would also be amazing. Wonder what kind of text would be inside!

    I looked to see what the madzay company was all about, and read about them a little. They published this excerpt in their "About" section...

    Everyone at Madzay Color Graphics, Inc. are Jehovah's Witnesses in good standing in their congregations. All are serving as elders, ministerial servants, pioneers or are wives of elders.

    So you know that no apostates or spiritually weak people handled the products. I'll bet everyone is relieved.


  • MerryMagdalene

    That was intense, Matt!--"Who's upstanding in your Kindom Hall bathroom?" wow

    Thanks, bebuglad you enjoyed.