Inciting the concept of hatred - Watchtower May 2015

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  • Listener

    We all know that JWs think that the world hates them and take it as a badge of honor.  Like all their beliefs they don't just come up with these ideas on their own, they come from indoctrination through the JW publications.

    Here's what they are being taught in their May 2015 Watchtower magazine

    <<17 Pride, materialism, and sexual immorality are just three weapons at Satan’s disposal. There are many more. For example, some Christians face opposition from family members, ridicule
    from schoolmates, or even restrictions  on their preaching work from governmental
    authorities. Such hardships do not surprise us, for Jesus warned his followers:
    “You will be hated by all people on account of my name, but the one who has endured to the end will be saved.”
    —Matt. 10:22.>>

    They are saying that opposition from family members, ridicule from schoolmates and government restrictions from  authorities are all demonstrations of people hating JWs.  This is such a blatant lie, oh wait, some of it is possibly true, school kids that tease a JW kid because he doesn't have a birthday party is doing so because he hates him, not because he knows that he definitely won't be invited..

    These are just terrible things to be teaching others.  Their thought that other people hate them because of normal human behaviour is typical of this cult.  The non JW husband or wife who doesn't want their JW spouse spending more time in the field service or is told not to donate so much at the Kingdom Hall, or the JW child who is getting teased by the other children because her dress uniform is too long and it goes on and on, these are all behaviours that the JW is taught that demonstrate hatred towards them. 

    So on this list of people that hate JWs are non JW family members, which could include brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters simply on the basis that they disagree with and actively attempt to prevent them in doing some particular JW service.  It also includes anyone at school who may tease a JW child.  Fancy telling your young child that kids at school are teasing you because they hate you. 

    Whoever wrote and authorized this article needs their head examined. 

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I went to school with a guy 7-12 grade, and never knew he was a JW.

    How could I hate him. I don't hate my JW family anymore, I feel sorry

    for them..In fact I stopped hating after I left the borg....

  • Zoos

    The Amish have concluded that they are objects of hatred because THEY are the true followers of Jesus, and as such they wear that hatred as a badge of honor. It never occurs to them that the negative attention they receive has anything to do with their handmade clothes, horse and buggy hot rods, funny beards, oddly religious, non-violent life styles.

    You can tell JWs all day long the real reasons why they are treated as outcasts by society, the fact that it is not really a "hatred" per se... but it will never get in.

  • Stealth

    They imply that anyone who does not agree with them are just tools of Satan. 

    It's easy to hate Satan and by extension his agents even if they happen to be your mother, father, siblings, children or even young schoolmates.  


    Sometimes a person or organization/religion must reap the consequences of their actions. That doesn't mean they are hated, or that a supernatural being is after them.

    When you get called out for your BS, a mature person or group will accept responsibility and make amends. A person or group of persons who are unbalanced or mentally and emotionally troubled/delusional, will feel persecuted. After all, there is no way that they could be in any way responsible for their "persecution."

    Having this "persecution" complex is a classic tool of manipulators. The best thing to do is to continually call them out on their bull-shit. Otherwise they will NEVER change.

    It's highly doubtful that the WTBTS will ever be reformed. Not even being called to court is enough to humble the GB or their representatives. Still, some individuals may change from manipulators to mature adults, provided that we continue to take the WTBTS to task for their errors. 


  • stuckinarut2

    Yes indeed!

    Developing and promoting a "Persecution complex" is classic of all high control groups!

  • eyeuse2badub

    It's just Gog of/and Magog attacking them in their imagination! It's been "us against them" ever since da judge, aka boozer joe was the prez. Frantic Freddy kept it up!

    just saying!


  • DesirousOfChange

    Teaching "hate" may actually become a crime in some nations eventually.

    This style of article will be brought into court.  How else could a unbiased person look at it?


  • WTWizard

    Pride?  Since when is all pride evil?  If you have pride, you are motivated to do the best you can for yourself.  You are motivated to do a good job at work.  Without this pride, you lack motivation and are only moved by fear.  True, the kind of pride that "I cannot be wrong" is dangerous.  This is not true pride but stubbornness, and can lead to disaster.

    Sexual immorality?  According to who, that genocidal, human-hating monster we know as joke-hova and they call jehovah?

    And materialism?  Now, to me this is a poverty working.  You are being drained by parasites named Rothschild, and this prevents you from being able to save real assets (if those parasites were not around, I could have easily saved several to many monster boxes of silver during my career).  But, are we going to let ourselves be further drained by the washtowel?  It is the Rothschild scum, not Satan, that makes us have to work so damn hard.  Without material things, you would die in short order.  Is that what joke-hova wants for you?  Or, does that thing want you to merely exist as a slave?  Satan wants us to work and enjoy in full the benefits, even if some of that "work" involves buying silver so the banks will have to work that much harder to find it to close their shorts (and the Rothschilds will suffer).  That will give you a buffer, tiding you from the current Rothschild crap to freedom (or the digital chips, whichever wins the War).

    People ridicule the jokehovians because they disregard the natural laws, not because of hatred.  You want nice things, you should be able to work for and get them even if that work means hurting the Rothschild scum by making it extra hard for them to close out their shorts on silver.  You should have your sexuality, whether it be gay or straight (or both), promiscuous or monogamous, and without all the rubbish society attaches to it.  And we should be proud when we do good things or do a good job--and be rewarded for it.

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