"Needgreaters" website?

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  • sf

    This was hyperlink on "Len Buckholtz" site:

    < http://www.jwnet.org/needgreaters/

    a portion:

    "On May 17th, a one day "needgreater asssembly" was held in English in the Dominican Republic at the new assembly hall at the Branch.

    316 needgreaters from all over the world--Austria, Bermuda, Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, Italy, Puerto Rico, Spain, Sweden, and the U.S.--enjoyed the encouragement given to them in talks presented by other needgreaters, the Branch Coordinator and the Bethel Overseer."

    ---------So, they are ORGANIZED too, by the Society? Are they paid by the Society too? If anyone can elaborate on this for me, please do. Why is a "needgreater" group needed? And hasanyone here ever been a "needgreater"? Is it a position sought out by members or does Brooklyn choose them?


  • rodnico

    My mother was at that one day thing. She is a "needgreater" in the Dominican Republic. I can only tell you about my mother and her roommates.
    First off my mother is NOT being paid. She is different than her roommates. She has a house (her only worldly possession) she rents out. From the difference in the rent vs. mortgage she is able to live comfortably in the Dominican Republic. Her roommates on the other hand work for a few months in the states or whatever country you listed and then return there to live.
    From what she has told me the majority are women. Because women are not allowed to go to Gilead if they are single or if they are over 35 they take it upon themselves to preach to the less fortunate. My mother preaches to the deaf in the Dominican Republic. They use pictures to teach them.
    So the majority of these people are ones who were not accepted into Gilead for one reason or another and have a desire to preach to people in other countries. For my mother it is her mosquito coast, she is escaping the realities of the western world.
    When she came to visit me the first time in 4 years and I paid for the plane ticket, she said to me "if we would have become "needgreaters" when you were young you would still be a witness today". I swiftly corrected her and said sooner or later I would have come to my senses whether in the US, Peru or Mars.

  • LDH

    Ha ha, good on ya, Nic.

    So now, they've got missionaries living in other lands, living off their own friggin money not even getting that WBTS subsidy. What a hoax.

    Live in a 3rd world country.
    Pay your own way.
    Sell our books, mags, etc.
    Send us the money.

    Why couldn't I have thought of a scam this pure?


  • riz


    even if you did think up this scam, I'm sure that your conscience wouldn't let you go through with it.

    Luckily for the borg, they don't have this problem.


  • rodnico

    What really bothers me about this situation is the lack of healthcare. My mother who is in her late 50's is literally dedicating her life, and living the "missionary" style life. If she gets sick guess who foots the bill? Me. If anything happens to her while she is down there again who will get sent the bill? Me. It makes me angry over the situation. Because there are these stupid "reasoning’s" why a single woman cannot go to Gilead and at least get some compensation, but that same woman can pay her own way to a foreign country like you pointed out and get no assistance from the WTBTS. It is a financial scam you're right.

  • LDH


    Start documenting EVERYTHING in the WT pubs about 'needgreaters' vs. Gilead Missionaries.

    It may be the only chance you have if you ever take those bastards to court. ANY worldly judge will see that there is NO difference in 'job functions' between the two--just because they give a different title. You may be able to get back pay from them. Come to think of it, someone here with legal expertise may be interested in helping you if you ever have to take responsibility for your mother due to failing health.


  • fulano

    Hi there. Need-greaters do not receive any financiel help from the society. The only thing they have in the DR is a kind of health-insurance. Need-greaters pay a monthly amount of money ($15 I think it was) to the Society and get medicins when they need.

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