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  • curlygirl

    I read recently that the society has a database of pedophiles in the cong. Does anyone have any information on the subject? Documentation?


  • TresHappy
  • rebel8

    I don't see anything on silentlambs about a database (?)

    OP, did you hear there was a database? I hadn't heard that. I imagine they would have destroyed it, if they had one ever, to prevent lawsuits.

    Are you in DC or Washington state? If you let me know, I will research to find out if there is a database in your state/district. Some states allow public access to them. If you're asking about this because you want to look up a specific person, you might get answers that way.

  • codeblue


    Anybody can get the database of sex offenders. You can locate the ones in your area, it is public knowledge...

    If indeed the KH has a record of it, it isn't doing them anygood, because they don't protect the VICTIMS of those abusers...Sad but a true fact. (still shaking my head after seeing that 2002 Dateline exposing the pedophile problem within the WTBS).


  • Bluegrass Tom
    Bluegrass Tom


    There are various websites, newspaper articles (check the Guardian), and threads here that indicate that the WTB&TS World Headquarters maintains a list of names of members who have some involvement in sex offense as perpetrators. The number is reported to be around 23,000 +/-. The Society will neither confirm or dispute this.

  • diamondblue1974

    maybe we should create one if one hasnt been done already and make sure that people get it...not thought about how but the notion sounds good...

  • abbagail

    At the silentlambs homepage, in the right-hand column near the top, there is a graphic that says: "23,720 Alleged Child Molesters Secret Database" and to (Click Here for More Info). When you click on that: http://www.silentlambs.org/answers/23720.cfm

    ...it takes you here. Below is just the first paragraph of the info on that page about the WT database:


    [b]Inside sources reveal 23,720 reported/unreported child molesters on file at Jehovah?s Witness headquarters in New York[/b]

    In the spring of 2002, I was contacted by three different sources who claimed to have connected with people inside the headquarters of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of New York, located in Patterson, New York . These insiders provided my contacts with a computer data base number of 23,720 child molesters on file there. The files labeled as the [b]?specialized shepherding arrangement?[/b] is a front for reporting child molesters to home office. Patterson is the location for the Service and Legal Departments of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, now calling itself the Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses of New York, and it is in these two departments where these highly confidential files are kept. It is interesting to note the ramifications of this extraordinary number.

    (see webpage for the rest. /ag)

  • geevee

    Hi, I think that you will find that if there still exists a database, it would be at the HQ, maybe at the indivdual Bethels in major countries. The congregation itself doesn't seem to maintain a database, but the information would be on a need to know basis only and not even all the elders in a cong would need to know. I did hear once of a PO getting a phone call from a big city overseer wanting to know about so and so and why it wasn't reported to them that he had moved on from that area. The PO didnt even know the guy was a pedophile! How's that for protecting the flock?

  • pr_capone

    You can look for registered sex offenders in your state here CG


    Kansas District Overbeer

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