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  • sf

    I knew I'd find it eventually:

    < http://www.newsystemschool.org/

    sKally ~huge sigh of disgust klass~ [>:(]

  • fodeja
    2.Education should encompass Fear of Jehovah, Respect for Authority, and Sound Bible Education. [resistance is futile]
    3.Education should cultivate Thinking and Reading Ability. [except for INDEPENDENT THINKING, that is!?]
    5.Education should enable recipients to be Responsible Christians.
    6.Education should encourage Good Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Health, and enable one to
    relate to people various backgrounds, interests, and beliefs [har, har].
    7.Education should assist one to avoid that which would have a detrimental effect on one's mental,
    emotional, physical, spiritual, and moral health. [such as not obeying God's spokesmen]
    8.New System School, Inc., while recommending social awareness, does not itself adhere to evolution,
    nationalism, racism, worldly philosophy, pagan festivities, or excessive competition.

    Poor kids...cult indoctrination around the clock, shielded as much as possible from the evil "real world" out there :-(


  • freddi

    I guess they figure that if other religions can have their own schools why not them. Who cares anyway? All of these religions are after one thing anyway. MONEY!!! My god is in my heart and that is that.

  • slipnslidemaster

    What happens when one of the owners get's df'd??

    What happens when a childs parent get's df'd??

    What happens when the Society finds out??

    Poor bastards.

    Slipnslidemaster: "The truth is more important than the facts."
    - Frank Lloyd Wright

    hmmmmm...where have I heard that before?

  • reagan_oconnor
    A central purpose for New System School, Inc., is to support parents in their endeavor to have their children grow up to be responsible Christians that contribute to society in a productive way.

    Then tell them to vote when they're old enough! Get jobs and work for a living instead of knocking on doors, shoving religion down peoples' throats! Teach them to think for themselves and be responsible for their actions!

    This bullshit is an affront to the homeschooling movement.

    "I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul."

  • LDH


    Actually, it is typical of many home schoolers. I home schooled my daughter for 6 months due to a mid 'school year' move, and the other parents who were part of the same home schooling system (Chawanakee District) were broken down kind of like this:

    1 or 2 brilliant children whom regular school bored
    10 or 11 disciplinary problems
    15-20 'CHRISTIAN' children whose parents wanted to control their every thought.

    One told me her child (age 10) would never got to regular school because they 'teach homosexuality.' Now this was a real dumb white trash bitch who lives in a trailer, and was no more qualified to teach her children beyond the 2nd grade than my left nipple.

    We interacted regularly with other home schoolers, and let me tell you, I took every chance I got to Korrupt those young little minds. The majority of parents are seeking to 'Kontrol the environment'.

    That has been my experience.

  • reagan_oconnor

    LDH: I know what you mean about the homeschooling demographic. How did you enjoy the 6 months you h.s. your child?

    Several of my sisters-in-law home do or have home-schooled their kids. One has 3 school-age children, all of whom she teaches at home. The kids are well-adjusted emotionally and physically, but spiritually I worry about them. She is a "raging Catholic" (I'd never say this to her face out of respect) who is overly concerned about what her kids are "exposed" to. They want complete control (sound familiar?) over their kids' education.

    One one hand, it's great that they're so concerned about education. If more parents were involved in the education of their children, the public school system wouldn't be the tax-dollar-eating-black-hole that it is.

    On the other hand, I want to know what they think they will accomplish by trying to shelter their children from "the real world." They do their best to keep their kids in association with other children their age -- from church, homeschooling groups, sports and other activities, but there is still a level of control there that chafes me too much.

    I intend to homeschool my kids until high school, at which age I plan to enroll them in private school. It's very important to me to provide this for my kids. I will not, however, attempt to shelter them from life. It doesn't work that way.


    "I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul."

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