David Splane's incredible shrinking generation

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  • waton

    In this mid-week's video, The speaker talking about the marriages of Jacob, and Joseph, mentions, that Jacob had 4 female bearers of his children; therefore the sons were closely spaced in age, perhaps born at the rate of 4 per year, in total much less then 10 years apart with Joseph being the youngest at the time , perhaps 17. so:

    The overlapping group generation championed by the same speaker, in the earlier teaching refers to "-- Joseph and his generation died --" as key generation proof ext. Now

    we have the tacit admission that his core contemporary family generation group spans less than a decade.

    decadent doctrines, discredited, dead on arrival.

  • Phizzy

    The next generation for you and me is when our first child is born. Not usually even 30 years elapses before that happens.

    It is evident that the words attributed to Jesus show that the Gospel writer thought the return of Jesus was almost overdue as he wrote ! later in the 1st Century other Bible Books were written because all the early Christians were distraught that the prophecy had not been fulfilled.

    Of course the JW org knows much better than all those early Christians and Bible writers, who they claim were inspired by god, and say that all of that "evidently" means what they say it does. The evidence only being that the JW Org says it.

  • waton
    Phizzy3 hours ago

    The next generation for you and me is when our first child is born

    P Right, and even wt often uses that understanding when talking about family histories.

    In the OP I wanted to point out the inconstancy of using "Joseph's generation" as the starting benchmark of that doctrine, now it's revealed to be less than <10 years long. By contrast, the length of an overlapping group in the current anointed generation, - to be longer than >78 years, as said by D.S.in his chart video.

    That is a stretch to 10 times longer today, All taken from the book of Genesis, where people are said to live ~ 10 times longer than we today. The incredible generation that just shrunk 1000 %.

    just saying, not endorsing.

  • waton

    DS treated it as a bullying incident against the youngest of a group of teenagers, a whole generation of them.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere


    I missed seeing this last week. Explains it well. Maybe I am slow thinking so it took me a week. At the very longest a generation could be only the ones with a single sire.

  • waton
    I am slow thinking

    rtn: that is the best way. perhaps DS should have taken that road before having a generation 10 years long and one >200 plus with an overlap of 20 for each group.

    single sire? explain please, you mean like Adam, the grandfather of us all, or Lot, keeping it all in the family, or Solomon , leaving a thousand other men unfulfilled?

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Single sire; all the children born to one father. This could cover half siblings and span some time. I was thinking of the root generate= to make. You have to discount lineage from women ( biblical).

    The old joke when elderly men have children is that someone had it in for him. Solomon, David, Jacob may have had help, and certainly offered it.

  • Vanderhoven7

    There are only two meanings for the word generation in the gospels; either one set of parents to the next or the people at a given time time living contemporaneously.

    The Watchtower changes the meaning of words to fit it's own faulty eschatology regardless of consistency of biblical usage.

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