Here is how to contact Dateline NBC

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    This information was gathered and posted by Francoise2. I thought that it was important that it be a main topic and read by as many people that are interested. I know that I for one appreciate having this email address and snailmail address right in front of my nose and now I don't have to take the time that Francoise2 already has.

    It has been long rumored that Dateline NBC is working on a story regarding the WTB&TS regarding child molesters and the organization coverups. I think that for anyone that would like to contribute to Dateline their story or information the information below is helpful.

    For those of you that have already been in contact with Dateline and know this information already, thank you.

    Remember, if enough little pebbles fall, the mountainside will eventually give way.

    -------------- Francoise2

    Ok, here's the poop. It's NBC. Dateline. Here's the email address:


    Go get 'em!

    I just received the following from NBC after I posted them about the Borg:

    Thank you for your E-Mail to Dateline NBC. We are very
    pleased with the enormous response we are getting. Although we cannot write a personal note to each of you, we do print out our messages, look at them and discuss your comments and reaction, and we do sometimes quote your E-Mail on the air in our 'feedback' segment. If your correspondence is in reference to a specific segment, that letter will be forwarded to the segment producer for review.

    If you have a specific story suggestion please send
    it to:

    Dateline NBC
    30 Rockefeller Plaza
    New York, NY 10112

    However, we don't have a story suggestion so much as we can act as SOURCE for a story they are already onto.


    -------------- Francoise2

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    This has been added by slilentlambs.

    i wish to post this for all to see:
    if you have information pertaining to the child molestation issue and the dateline story please send it to i am in contact with the sources who are working on the story and and get information to the right source quickly. if you just email dateline it may get lost or take a long time to get to the right person. i have worked with this for several weeks and the story still continues to develope. when will it air? no one knows, all i can say is soon and when i get the exact date everyone will be informed. any evidence or additional information will be considered and could become part of the story.

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