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    For those who keep up on the latest Bible Student information or wish to download the pyramid of Gizeh or Russells sermons or other goodies, go to:


    I have been lurking on a few BS forums and on one site the administrator claims that he is being stalked by an individual that disagrees with him. This person apparently has his own site. There are a few on the forum that disagree, the rest are Bible Students and one JW that couldn't find his ass with 8 hands. This Bible Student is a nut case as I have dealt with him over the past 4 years on occasions. The mindset of the Bible Students as far as Russell being Gods chosen servant is as bad as the mindset of the JWs thinking the WT is Gods channel. The reason I no longer post on the BS forums is that my posts are either edited or deleted. They cannot stand the truth and exposure anymore than the WT so they resort to censorship.

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