Noachian Flood c.2370 BCE part 3

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  • badboy

    National GEOGRAPHIC OCTOBER 2002 p6.

    `Princess Idut died about 2330BC.



    How does the Noachian fit in?

  • RunningMan

    Don't you know that all non-Biblical history is falsified by Satan as an attempt to mislead Jehovah's Witnesses?

    Satan has buried dinosaur bones and fossils, forged documents, and even artificially aged the pyramids, all for the sake of 20th century JW's. You do realize that all events in the universe center around them, don't you?

    In fact, the discovery of ancient artifacts that seemingly disprove the Bible, actually forshadows the imprisonment of the Governing Body in 1918.

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  • Amazing

    Hi Badboy: Would / Could you provide some details as to what you are talking about to facilitate the discussion? The Flood of Noah's is a fiction likely based on a local event starting at what is now the Black Sea ... and as legend became embellished, it crept its way into the Bible in Mosos's time, about 1500 BC ... it is a nice allegory to teach some lesson in ancient Jewish lore ... I could be wrong, but I am not sure that the date you give of 2370 BC is accurate. Thanks. - Jim W.

  • badboy

    The jws claim the Flood was worldwide,just putting a few facts to demolish this idea

  • Realist

    i think the idea is so absurd (for hundreds of reasons) that it doesn't require any more evidence to disprove it

    one link with many historic dates...all prior to the supposed flood

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  • seedy3


    In the first series you mentioned the egyptions and how could the dynasty not have been interupted,

    Egypt;5 DYNASTY

    1ST LAGASH dynasty;2500-2350

    Y is there no break in the 5TH dynasty if a WORLD-WIDE Flood(tm) took place)?

    There is stiil yet another few cultures that seem a mystery when figuring a flood in this time period.

    In 1975, as the dig progressed down to Early Bronze Age levels, a remarkable find was made in the form of nearly 20,000 clay tablets which constituted the royal archives of the city. These tablets date back to the middle of the 3rd millenium BC, almost 4,500 years ago.

    - John Fulton, "A New Chronology - Synopsis of David Rohl's book 'A Test of Time'"

    "The documents "reveal the existence of a mighty Canaanite empire in Syria that also embraced Palestine around 2400 BC which no one had suspected before; its capital was at Tell Mardikh - an ancient, all-but-forgotten city called Ebla."
    - Magnus Magnusson, BC - The Archaeology of the Bible Lands

    "The city was a large one of 260,000 inhabitants; it traded widely over the known world at that time. A flourishing civilisation existed with many skilled craftsmen in metals, textiles, ceramics, and woodwork. It existed 1,000 years before David and Solomon and was destroyed by the Akkadians in around 1600 BC.
    - John Fulton, "A New Chronology - Synopsis of David Rohl's book 'A Test of Time'"

    So now if the flood happened in 2370bce, how could there be a city of 260k that fast?

    Then there are the Sumerians they are considered even older and yet not having disappeared until after the flood age.

    Just a thought


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