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  • sherrie11

    Just got a visit from two JW's and I mentioned the literature stands they have now.

    I mentioned I walk past their stand they set up in my town every thursday on my way to work. Last week the stand was smaller and I asked why was it smaller. no answer..... I then said you guys usually go door to door dont you? Why the change?. He answered due to people having busier lives etc.

    The 'sister' added 'well, in regard to our stalls we are not like greenpeace or others that approach you on the street. I said yeah I cross the road if i see them. The 'sister' replied ' yes we dont approach them we wait for them to approach us.

    WTF !!!!

    I thought the whole purpose of the witnessing work was for them to find every opportunity to approach people and preach the good news.

  • NVR2L8

    When I was a child in the early sixties and my mom was vacation pioneering, she would start her time while walking me to school. One block away from my school there was a bus stop where we both stood silent holding up the latest mags. I hated doing this because my teacher and school mates would see me standing there. In these days the mags were much larger in size than today's so I would try to hide behind them. At that time we just stood silent, but sometime later we were instructed to approach the people to start a conversation. From that moment on fewer publishers went out to do street corner work...

  • Ding

    Maybe they should change their name to "Jehovah's bystanders."

  • truthseekeriam

    Funny, we just spent the afternoon walking the Pier at a local beach. The moment we stepped on the pier on each side there was the little literature stands with their owners just sitting in some comfortable chairs chit chatting away. I just couldn't resist telling the how easy they got it :)


    The 'sister' replied ' yes we dont approach them we wait for them to approach us.

    ...................................................What about the WBT$ Spiritual Ark?..


    ...............*Noah Thinks to Himself*..........................Do you think we should....................Nah..

    .."Maybe I Should Have Warned Someone".....................Warn People?.............They`ll figure it out..


    .................................................................... photo mutley-ani1.gif ...OUTLAW

  • wasblind

    " The message that the Witnesses proclaim involves the lives of people; they want to be careful to miss no one "_____Reasoning from the Scriptures book page 206



    LOL. " So we wait for them to approach us " guess how many we missed today ?


  • wasblind

    OUTLAW !!!!!

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    That's a classic OUTLAW!

  • NewYork44M

    That's a classic OUTLAW


    However, wasn't the comment made that jehover does a heart condition x-ray of everyone walking by. The literature stands that I observed in busy subway stations in NYC suggests that there is not much hope for the hardened city dwellers.

  • smiddy

    This religion is getting sillier and sillier every year , was it "new light" from Jehovahs progressive organization that now instructs jw`s to sit at a literature stand waiting for some / sheep to come to them ?

    Can you imagine a shepherd standing in a field waiting for the sheep to come to him ? ( No, you dont have to do anything they will come to us )

    How about a fisherman who sits in a boat and waits for the fish to jump on board ? ( No, you dont need a net or fishing lines they will jump in the boat )

    sighhhhhh how do you reason with people like this.


  • sherrie11

    Now that i have broken the ice so to speak I will approach their stand and use your analogy smiddy. Its crazy batsh!t, they have memories like sieves.

  • doofdaddy

    Interesting. This indicates that the door to door work is no longer effective and that witnesses are losing heart because when you think about it, the stands are more for the witnesses to reaffirm their separateness from the world rather than actively preaching/presenting the "good news".

    The witnesses still feel they are dong something as service but don't have to actually engage.

    Funny it used to be called the warning work. I'm glad they don't apply this method of warning in the Fire Dept!

  • prologos

    Were there not instructions in the past to "not just stand" but to WALK & talk with people? a la Etheopian eunuch situation?

    smiddy, good illustration, fishing line with the wrong bait, no bait, fisherman napping or

    reading, texting-- jwfacts

  • sherrie11

    I picked up a few clues in regard to the 'sister'. She mentioned her dad was jailed in Belgium for anti war sentiments. What she was , was so ignorant about was the past teachings of pro-actively proselytising.

    Unflippabley unbelievable!!

    I hope i will be a return visit it certainly cured my nervousness when confronted by JW's.

    Who pays for the stand's?

    Maybe in the secret part of the JW.ORG site they supply the PDF file and say print them yourself.

    The modern JW is so different from the 1999's version.

  • moomanchu

    religious stands they are "the new rage" I guess.

    I must admit the JW gives the better witness, even though he sounds like a robot.

  • moomanchu

    After Netflix wins the video war, the WT could probably get some good deals on these.

    Change the logo, and maybe even change the top to look like a Watchtower, fill it with their crap and wah-lah.

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