How to present Kingdom News No. 38....

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  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    Kingdom Ministry October 2013 page 4:

    Sample Presentations

    Kingdom News No.38

    “I’m sharing in a worldwide campaign to distribute this important message. Here is your copy.”

    Note: In order to cover the territory, keep your presentation brief. However, in some cases the householder may show genuine interest and may wish to converse. If so, you can ask his opinion about the question on the front, read to him the Bible’s answer as shown inside, and consider a portion of the tract’s contents, as time allows. Before leaving, show him the “To Think About” question on the back and arrange to return and discuss it.


    The actual quality of this "presentation" is really not important at all. What's really important here is to keep the presentation as brief as possible and then run like hell before you're asked any difficult questions that your dumbed-down JW brain is unable to process, much less answer... Really pathetic...

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Kingdom Ministry October 2023

    Sample Presentation

    Kingdom News No. 53

    Note: Publishers should stealthily approach the house, throw the tract on the doorstep, and turn around and leave the premises as quickly as possible, noting any trip hazards as they go.

  • WTWizard

    A better presentation:  Take the entire supply and place it in a powerful chipper/shredder.  That will save the whole congregation the drudgery.  When finished, take the whole supply of LIE-ble Teach books and place those in your chipper/shredder.

  • Laika

    The tract is called: Can the dead live again? The KM article includes instructions on how it should folded. The talk also features a demonstration on that very sample presentation. 

    Though in my experience JWs love these kinds of campaigns and presentations because it makes the preaching work really easy.

  • NewYork44M

    Didn't some of these kingdom news tracts actually fulfill bible prophesy? I seem to recall that some of the early ones were prophesied centuries ago.

    Isn't it a blessing....

  • nugget

    These campaigns have never been very challenging the aim is to keep publishers busy and distribute as many as possible. With so many not at homes it is easier to hand these out if the message is as bland and generic as possible.

  • SafeAtHome

    This is such a joke, such an ineffectual way to reach people if the message is so urgent and life saving.  I found an invite to the Memorial in my door, two months after the fact, because I never use my front door.  I have a sign clearly stating "Back Door Please".  Fed Ex, UPS, everyone else seems to get the message and walks the few extra steps to the back.  I found it when I was changing the seasonal decoration on my front door!

  • clarity

    Caleb, gee when I saw the title of your thread..... I thought oh good,

    I've been wondering what the heck do they have left to say

    at the doors now .......... no longer "this generation ... will never die", etc....."

    nothing to talk about  (except maybe an apology for failed doctrine!) !


    Well thanks for this....cause I'm right...not a damn thing left to talk about!! 







                   Speed Dating..                     WBT$ Speed Preaching..


                                                                                                                     ..................... photo mutley-ani1.gif...OUTLAW

  • whathappened

    The Watchtower Society knows its a numbers game.  The more people contacted, the better chance a vulnerable soul will surrender to their cult.  Hit as many doors as you can with a cheap little piece of paper and hope for an increase.

  • LostGeneration

    I pulled the KM after Laika's comment on them telling the troops "how to fold" the tract.  Is it just me or is the disdain for the troops coming through even more lately?  From the "how to walk on stairs" letter to the "how to fold tracts" its getting disturbing. 

    Here is the whole paragraph, I'll tell ya, these guys are marketing gurus, they should take their talents to Madison Avenue




    How It Is Designed:



    Kingdom News

    No. 38 is designed to be folded lengthwise so that the front shows the intriguing title along with the words “Would you say . . . yes? no? maybe?” When the reader opens the Kingdom News, he will see what the Bible says in answer to the title question and what the Bible’s promise can mean for him. He will also see reasons why he can believe the Bible. The back of the Kingdom News poses an interesting question for him to think about and invites him to learn more.

  • Crazyguy

    Youre so right, the quality of presentations and actual knowledge of the publisher has really gone down over the years, hopefully another nail in the coffin.



    From the "how to walk on stairs" letter to the "how to fold tracts" its getting disturbing.


                                 In the New System..

                  Jehovah`s Witnesses will Wear Helmets..

                       So they don`t Hurt Themselves..

                  Walking on Stairs or Folding Pamphlets..


                           My New WBT$ Helmet..

              Keeps My Brains in My Head!..


                                               .......................... photo mutley-ani1.gif...OUTLAW

  • Laika

    Thanks LostGeneration,

    Anyone want to guess the question for paragraph 2... 



    Yep! 'How is Kingdom News No. 38 designed?'

    Challenging stuff.

    The talk is 15 minutes, features 3 paragraphs including the one LostGeneration wrote out, and the tiny sample presentation provided by Calebs Airplane. I sort of feel sorry for the brothers who have to drag 15 minutes out of that material.


  • wasblind

          LOL @ OUTLAW.  That's a Hit a run



  • wasblind
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