2013 District Convention God's Word Is Truth MP3 is ready!

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  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Great. Many thanks for that.


  • jgnat

    Viola, there's a way of downloading without all the extras. I can't remember how, though.

    My hubby thanks you, even though he has just figured out - after ten years - that you-all are a bunch of apostates.

  • Rattigan350

    What I noticed is that the convention has nothing to do with the theme.

    No teaching about God's word being truth.

    It is all about conduct.

    The obligatory: Marry only in the Lord and don't associate with disfellowshipped family members, talks. Same things from the Needs of the circuit parts. Like,why do they care except that such things won't help people stay in the congregation and a solid congregation is what they want.

    Scripted demonstrations on studying and internet interruptions, and commenting at meetings.

    That one about the progressing of the organization in the last few years from the literature changes is just lies. Why can't they just say that revenue is down and expenses are up so they are cutting back, instead of stating that with the cuts they can do more translating, etc. They are so fearful to where it becomes dishonest.

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so i got a sendspace and uploaded the whole thing except for the songs and morning music.. the link to all the mp3's is here!

for some reason it starts with the last talk first but they're all numbered and titled according to the convention so it should'nt be too hard i hope.. do with them what you please, upload them to youtube, send them to friends & family, or just see how far you can stomach some of the "fine spiritual food that the faithful and discreet slave has prepared for us this year".. some key talks you might wanna listen to are 12 symposium: the truth sets us free, 16 believe inspired truth, not inspired error, 20 symposium: reject what is false!

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