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    Does anyone have early correspondance or info. on things in print prior to the 50s on this subject? For example any ideas about Rutherford's views and especially any old letters to elders. Wow it just dawned on me that despite all the pdf's we have, no one has ever had access to older B.O.E. letters say from the 60s and back farther??? Atlantis...... now that would be an interesting project if someone actually has some of those and would be willing to give them up....Back on point... Any references or correspondance would be great. I already have all quotes from Index citations.

  • blondie

    1) Rutherford wanted to squash Russell's image in the organization

    *** yb74 pp. 97-98 Part 1—Germany ***But more equipment was needed. For that reason Brother Balzereit asked Brother Rutherford for permission to buy a rotary press. Brother Rutherford saw the necessity and agreed, but on one condition. He had noticed that over the years Brother Balzereit had grown a beard very similar to the one that had been worn by Brother Russell. His example soon caught on, for there were others who also wanted to look like Brother Russell. This could give rise to a tendency toward creature worship, and Brother Rutherford wanted to prevent this. So during his next visit, within hearing of all the Bible House family, he told Brother Balzereit that he could buy the rotary press but only on the condition that he shave off his beard. Brother Balzereit sadly agreed and afterward went to the barber.

    Until 1968, Jesus was depicted as beardless despite the Law code about Israelites wearing beards and not wanting to look like Romans. A subtle hint that to be Christlike was to be beardless (until 1968). Why the change?

    2) Beards = rebellion = drugs

    *** yb78 p. 13 1978 Yearbook of Jehovah’s Witnesses ***For example, in the Philippines, a brother was engaged in witnessing activity on the streets and noticed a bearded young man with a group of people. The young man looked somewhat familiar. It developed that he had formerly been associated with Jehovah’s Witnesses but had gotten in with the wrong crowd and was now on drugs.

    *** yb77 p. 239 Norway ***A Bible study was started with him. After three studies he quit smoking, and after six he resigned from his church. He also made changes as to hair, beard, and so forth.

    *** yb76 pp. 256-257 Sri Lanka ***Gradually, the power of truth could be seen. His clothing became cleaner, the ash disappeared, along with the flower, and his hair was allowed to grow normally, while the beard was completely shaved off.

    *** yb75 p. 18 1975 Yearbook of Jehovah’s Witnesses ***The publisher did not approach the man right away as he did not look too inviting; he wore long hair and was heavily bearded. Suddenly there was no one else on the street to talk to, so he handed the individual a handbill for a public meeting.

    Then why no beards today?

    *** w68 5/1 p. 288 Questions From Readers ***Today Christian ministers, like the early Christians, are concerned with neatness and cleanness, but they strive to dress inconspicuously, so that their appearance does not in any way detract from the dignity or the effectiveness of the message they bear. (2 Cor. 6:3, 4) In recent years in many lands a beard or long hair on a man attracts immediate notice and may, in the minds of the majority, classify such a person undesirably with extremists or as rebels against society. God’s ministers want to avoid making any impression that would take attention away from their ministry or hinder anyone from listening to the truth. They know that people are watching true Christians very critically and that to a great extent they judge the entire congregation and the good news by the minister’s appearance as a representative of the congregation.

    In paradise restored on earth it would not be out of order if men returned to wearing beards, in perfect fashion, like Adam in Eden.

    So 43 years later when you see a man in a beard and a nice suit do you think EXTREMIST or REBEL?

    *** w68 5/1 p. 286 Questions From Readers ***Biblical evidence is the most reliable testimony to be found on this question, and a recent careful review of what it says indicates that Jesus did indeed have a beard.

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    I have a record of an old thread about 6 years ago on Rutherford and beards - will put it back up to the top in a moment or two.

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  • 00DAD

    Blondie: So 43 years later when you see a man in a beard and a nice suit do you think EXTREMIST or REBEL?

    You mean like this rebel?

    Ed Bradley, 2006

    '60 Minutes' correspondent Ed Bradley


  • BluesBrother

    BOE letters from the 60's ? No, the elder arrangement only came in during the early seventies, my guess is 71 -72. Before that the "Congregation Servant " had all the power, supported by "Servants" whose duties ranged from the M/S of today to those of elders.

    Did they get letters from The WTS? I never heard of any, as a rank and file young publisher. The admin of it all seemed to not change so much as today.

  • ronwashington

    It is also interesting to note that you will NEVER see a white dude with a mustache in any of the photos in WT publications.

  • outsmartthesystem

    00DAD - If that doesn't look like a deranged, drug addicted psychopath, I don't know what does. He and his buddy Ben Bernanke are probably cooking up some meth as we speak

  • itsibitsybrainbutbigenoughtosmellarat

    Bluesbrother, Well, I actually have a letter to the congregation with a very ornate letterhead from the 40s and Rutherfords Signature, so I know they sent letters out. I just don;t know how many they usuallysent out or if they provided indexes... and policy statements as much as today?

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