Official link of the Disaffiliation of the Watchtower to the UN

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  • TheScientist

    Hello Folks ,

    I have other news .. I had seen in the Brazilian forum that UN had removed the document that speaks about the disaffiliation of the Watchtower to it .. However, what really happened was the restructuring of the web site , which caused the link to got invalid ..

    Follow the official link of the document directly from the website of the UN:$/DigitalLibrary/Dig/

    And if the link get invalid again ?

    Simple, do it:

    - Just click  in:  or and click in Advanced Search
    - T ype in " all words  with ":  Watchtower Bible and Tract Society

    This will list all documents related to PROSTITUTE who maintains relations with the beast directly from UN website...

    More proof of that? Impossible!

    Greetings from Brazil dissent.


    PS: Sorry for my bad, bad English..

  • Wilfried

    I LOVE YOU MY FRIEND !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheScientist

    Thank you Wilfried.. :-)

  • Soldier77

    Thank you! I just downloaded the pdf and sent it to someone I thought should know about this. Hope it has the same effect it did on me.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    The Scientist...seeing that UN letter on their own website had a huge impact on are fantastic finding that again...

  • Quendi

    Thank you very much for doing this and making the information again available!


  • TheScientist

    Thank you friends..

    Have you seen the official link of the Agreement between the Watchtower and Bulgaria (no sanction for members that use Blood treatment)??

    Regards, TheScientist

  • maisha


  • still thinking
    still thinking

    bumping this thread in case anyone else want this link to the UN website.

  • Farkel


    : Have you seen the official link of the Agreement between the Watchtower and Bulgaria (no sanction for members that use Blood treatment)??

    I could be wrong but I think this is really old news that was revealed in here around 10 years ago or so.

    What I recall (and you can correct me if I'm wrong) is the WTS told the Bulgarian government that they did not automatically disfellowship members who took blood to save their lives. This is TRUE, and given just that statement, the WTS did not lie.

    As you and I and any other informed person knows, of COURSE a DF is not automatic. FIRST they have a JC, and THEN they DF the person who took blood. So you see it is not automatic. The WTS deceived the Bulgarian government just like they deceive their members and their new recruits and even strangers at the doors in their recruiting "ministry."

    It's no different than a US President saying "I did not have sexual relations with that woman." They are both lies by omission.


  • kepler

    The Scientist,

    Thanks as well. I took a look at that link and downloaded a couple of items.

    A couple of years ago when I was given home instruction for much of the fall and winter, my instructors spent some time discoursing on the evil and illegitimacy of the United Nations. I had no idea what that was all about, save perhaps it was guilt by association with the League of Nations or that as a world wide governing body (excuse me), it had the temerity to even try. I never did get the full background; just the nods of assent by his two junior colleagues.

    I don't know if this is faulty memory about a previous discussion or what. But I went back to the JW organization "letterhead" looking for one of the counsels who might have performed some UN-related activity. Ms. Carolyn Wah was the individual I was thinking of. She had published several papers on international affairs and minority rights, plus a supposed academic analyses of the WTBTS from a not very academically objective position.

    But I did note that between the period of 1992 to 2001 when the NGO membership was active, associate counsel Wah represented the Society in litigation for the frozen assets of JW victims of Nazi concentration camp imprisonment.

    The assets were held in Swiss banks and the litigation proceeded via the US district court in New York, probably just blocks away from the Brooklyn headquarters. A lot of the argument in behalf of award to the society were based on things that an NGO might do.

    Do you suppose that it was just coincidental that this claim on assets was submitted during the period of UN NGO status?

    Does anyone know how that was resolved?

    And, of course, were there other activities understaken of a similar nature (1992-2001)?

  • TheScientist


    I really didn't know this.. Very interesting.. I will ask in our Brazilian forum about this matter.


    Exactly.. Omission also is dishonesty! However if people uses blood, they may go to JC and then be DF.. i.e., this is a sanction, not automatic, but possible (VERY POSSIBLE)..

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    As you and I and any other informed person knows....

    My understanding is that the latest position is that, if a Dub breaks the Blood rules they are considered to have DA'd themselves .... no JC, or DF required, and an announcement can be made.

    If the UN PDF disappears, it is archived on the Wayback Machine

  • 3dogs1husband

    help it is not working for me????

  • yesidid

    That link just brings me back to this thread.

  • TheScientist

    Is not working? I've tried just now and it's valid..

    Try again:$/DigitalLibrary/Dig/

    Otherwise, try searching direct on UN site.. type Watchtower in the Search field.. It's very easy..

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Great! Thanks!

  • bats in the belfry
    bats in the belfry

    But we can flee from Christendom spiritually by abandoning her worldly, untheocratic system of things and thus get out of her danger zone, leaving her to her fate and having no part with her in her adulterous connections with the United Nations and any other political and commercial system of this old world.

    1953 The Watchtower, 9/15 p. 565 par. 2

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    Bumping this thread for all you wonderful lurkers and anyone else that hasn't seen it...

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