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  • Bri111

    Hi everyone! I hope this is the right place to post this question. I been trying to figure out, What Bible chapter is open on the book cover of Draw Close to Jehovah? I assume its the book of Psalms but im not sure. If anyone knows please let me know. Thanks!

  • diamondiiz


    I would guess it's Psalm 83, why do you ask?

  • Disillusioned Lost-Lamb
    Disillusioned Lost-Lamb

    Don't know, but welcome.

  • steve2

    Um, let me think. Oh yes, you could send your fervent question to the brothers in Brooklyn to ensure you get the correct answer. Oh and welcome...I think. Just wondering, has your vehicle made a wrong turn? This is State Highway Independent Thinking.

  • WTWizard

    Actually, this is the motorway to free thinking. You are welcome to cross-reference your religion, or even the Bible itself. And question the validity of the whole book or whether it is even worth drawing close to Jehovah at all. And no speed limit.

  • smiddy


    Welcome,stick around on this site,you will get a college equivalent education


  • Bri111

    Thanks everyone! And diamondiiz, I have been reading this book the past few weeks, and I was just curious as to know which bible book and chapter was open on the cover since I couldn't make it out. It seems everyone seems to think its Psalm 82 or 83. Oh, and State Highway Independent/ motorway to free thinking with no speed limit, Ill keep it in mind next time!:D The college equivalent education is a bonus too!

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