Degrees of spiritual sickness in Pharisees?

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  • Fernando

    Having had intense interaction with Pharisees on my exit from religion I seemed to notice distinct degrees or stages of spiritual sickness in the ruling religious clergy class and their more rabid followers and supporters:

    Spiritual, blindness, confusion, inebriation (drunkenness), prostitution, and finally insanity pending death.

    Have you noted any stages of spiritual sickness in scripture?

    What have you observed or experienced?

  • WTWizard

    I noticed spiritual sickness everywhere. In the world, as well as right at the Kingdumb Hell (and more blatantly at the Kingdumb Hell). No connection with anything except the LIE-ble, Jehovah, other witlesses, and the littera-trash. I didn't even know what a chakra was while I was a witless, despite dabbling with the occult while in college. Just the "Do as we say, and wait on Jehovah to take care of your spiritual needs" crap that does not work.

    It exists in the world, though not as blatantly. You go to church, you hear about how rotten the world is. But, what can you do about it besides endure, turn the other cheek, and wait on Jesus? They make you wait on Jesus to solve the problems, which have been going on ever since around 5,000 years ago when a group of people decided that they were going to use religion to enslave the world. They took "false(??)" religion away from nations, giving them a genuinely false religion and slaughtering those who were good with their former religions. They spawned two new religions within the past 2,000 years to enslave the world, and all that did was make people spiritually sick. (Or dead.)

    I myself don't view myself as being spiritually well--but at least I now see the path I must take to get well. I am like the person that finally realized that I need a spiritual "hospital", and that Christi-SCAM-ity is not going to do it. (In fact, that is the source of the problem.) That "hospital" is the web site that does precisely what most Christian and Muslim religions hate most--worshiping their "enemy". Their "enemy(??)" actually has the cure, and most people in the world are too biased against it to see that they are in as bad shape as I am (and worse, they don't even know it). They think the solution is to do more of what made them spiritually sick in the first place, not find something that may be 180 o off their course.

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