An Inspirational Man

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  • RayPublisher

    I recently learned of this man's story- he was born with no arms or legs...yet he is a motivational speaker, self-sufficient, and just got married to a beautiful lady! An amazing story I had to share it:

    In the first video he is shown cooking scrambled eggs, going swimming, loading a DVD, going up stairs, and using the phone all by himself. In the second video he and Bethany Hamilton "high five" their shoulder nubs, and then he goes surfing for the first time.

    Again, I will say it-

    A M A Z I N G

  • cyberjesus

    i wonder if this man cares of what other people think of him?

  • RayPublisher

    He is a happy, humble, self-depricating and motivated man, full of life. Watch the vids you'll see!

  • ammo

    Hi r/p,

    I watched this man on an australian tv show a few weeks back, he described his childhood, teenage years and manhood, the one thing that struck me was all the way through his life he was a loving and extremely funny and humble dude, really able to make fun of himself even with the opposite sex and yes now he is a motivational speaker- I was motivated after just watching him for half an hour-Amazing guy :)))

  • RayPublisher

    He has spoken in front of over a million people, and his videos have been seen as many times. Very positive man.

  • talesin

    Saw him on Oprah some time ago. You're right, AMAZING. His zest for life is inspirational.


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