super saturdays

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  • outsmartthesystem

    Are these things happening by where you live? Around here they are becoming popular

    Basically it is a congregational effort to get as many people as possible to make a full day of "field service". They'll meet at 7:00 am at the KH and eat breakfast there at the hall. The breakfast will be huge (pancakes, eggs, sausage etc) and will be coordinated by some of the sisters. Then they'll go in service til noon. Then they'll meet back at the KH for lunch. Same thing. (chicken, potatoes, beans etc). Then they go back out in service til 4:00 or so. Then they meet back at the KH for some sort of dessert. They try to make it as "fun" as possible to get people to want to participate.

  • panhandlegirl

    I been out for nearly twenty years so I don't know what the congregations are doing but I think it would be hard for me to go out in service with such a full stomach. I know I could not do it in the afternoon after so much food,

    I would need a nap. Well, whatever they think works for them.

  • baltar447

    Probably a local thing.

  • ShirleyW

    That's what I was thiking, a local thing, haven't been to a meeting since the 80's so maybe it is new, but I don't recall my mother mentioning something like this and she died in 2005.


    We used to have something similar about 20 years ago with early morning street witnessing, back to the KH for the main group and another group in the early afternoon. There wasn't a sniff of tea or food though. I've never seen food distributed at our KH unless during the build. I suspect it would attract more than a few penny pinching JW's to do extra hours for the food alone.


  • LostGeneration

    I'm sure the GB will come down on it soon. Add a little flavor and fun to the JW life and the overlords kick it into high gear.

  • Disillusioned Lost-Lamb
    Disillusioned Lost-Lamb

    Must be an individual conned-green-nation thing 'cause my cong has a no fun motto; the devil invented fun.

  • TOTH

    When the co hears of this they will be chastised for doing it without the authorization from the gb. So goes my money where my mouth is.

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