Who's The True Fool?

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  • sabastious

    April fools day is a fun day for me. I love to see what everyone concocts in their heads with hopes of actually fooling someone, or at the very least getting something more than a courtesy laugh. April fools day has been an invaluable social tool for individuals and groups alike for a very long time. However growing up in the Watchtower we just defaulted to, "SATAN'S WORLD!" This is a sad truth, but a truth nonetheless.

    Which got me to thinking, who researches April Fool's Day? The concept is simple: try to fool with good intentions. One day a week for worship of God, one day a year we try to have fun for no reason. Sounds like doing all for the glory of God to me. But, not for the Watchtower. April Fools Day is something that is so uttlerly pivotal as to require a deep study of it's roots. To the Watchtower, it must go through a rigorous labyrinth of study and divine contemplation for it's true purpose to be concluded upon. For a Jehovah's Witness, something considered harmless fun to the world, could be the cost of your own ever lasting life in reality. It's a sick world, yes, from the Watchtower's vantage point atop their Brooklyn buildings. Almost like they are considered higher than any other in the world. Capable of discerning true truth and only the truth. Are we not thankful for God's provision of these buildings that stands higher than the rest and the men he puts within them? Are we not thankful? QUEUE THE APPLAUSE

    Because, without this divine arrangement we would be without the true truth about April Fools Day. We wouldn't know that it wasn't just harmless fun, but quite the opposite. A wedge between yourself and your creator. A shame to waste such a life on such a game. A shame indeed.


  • Momma-Tossed-Me

    Always love your posts and take on things.....

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