Most Jehovah's Witnesses dont want ex-JWs, dis-fellowshipped, disassociated to be successful!!!

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  • Joliette

    Or to acheieve any goals in their life. And how DARE you try to enjoy your life in this sick and demonic world. Dont you know that this world wont be here for long? Why would you skip a meeting because you had to earn a living. Jehovah created the moon, the stars, the sky, so if he did that, he can find another job for you. Why would you want to get a college degree? You wont find a good job anyways, cause the economy is too bad. Why would you want to get married and have children, there just gonna turn out bad anyways? Why would you want a sexually satisfying relationship with someone, your just gonna get AIDS. Why would you date outside of Jehovah's organization? Those men (or women) out there are no good.

    I finally figured out why witnesses would say this to me growing up. Its because they want you to stay in your place, and they dont want you to enjoy your life. They want you to be down on your luck, to feel that you can't make it without there 'jehovah.' This is something that I've always tried to erase from my mind, but the more that I spend time away from the kinddumb hell, the more it is apparent. Its sad that people dont want to see their children become successful unless they are successful in the organization.

    You cant make this shit up!!!!!

  • Alfred

    I think some JWs just want to be re-assured that they're not wasting their time going to meetings and field circus... so seeing some ex-JWs fall on hard times gives them some assurance that they are quite possibly in "the truth"... if they see ex-JWs become successful, they tend to explain it away as something that Satan did to make the ex-JW feel good about being a part of the world... it's really pathetic...

  • Paulapollos

    Sadly, you're absolutely right. A more envious, self-aggrandizing, anti-self fulfillment organisation, I have never seen.


  • Joliette

    You'll get destroyed if you try to have a career in this world!

  • d

    I agree I think they want us to see us fail so they can say to themselves we have the truth and these were our brothers and sisters. Yeah right.

  • Joliette

    D, very very true.

    Brother and Sister my ass! Not everyone there is bad but overall I know they want me to come back with my tail inbetween my legs. Not in one hundred years! Actually...not ever!

  • Phizzy

    The other thing I had said to me after I left was "but, you cannot be happy !"

    They do not believe you can be, away from Jehoober, but little do they know !

    I never knew happiness like I have experienced since leaving, not for all my time in the Borg.

    I just love smiling and waving at them and telling them "I am doing great !"

  • Scully

    They don't want us to have success, because they want to be able to point at us and say to their children: "This is what happens when you Leave The Truthâ„¢" - they want us to be drug addicts, alcoholics, criminals, living on skid-row, psychotic, etc. to scare their kids off of Leaving The Truthâ„¢.

    If we're happy, successful, in good relationships, well-adjusted, doing well financially, how can that possibly scare their kids and keep them in line?

  • Joliette

    @ Scully, so damn true!

    Thank you guys for your comments.

  • leavingwt

    "If someone used to be a Jehovah's Witness, "We must hate in the truest sense, which is to regard with extreme active aversion, to consider as loathsome, odious, filthy, to detest." - Watchtower, 10/1/52, p.599

  • LongHairGal


    You are absolutely right. I feel it is because they are the most jealous, small-minded group of people I have ever met!! I learned more about jealousy, covetousness and small-mindedness from the religion than I ever would have elsewhere. These people would put many so-called worldly people to shame in this regard! On the few occasions I made a meeting as a "fader" (the memorial and such) I was inundated with questions and comments about how good I look and my clothing. Of course, I was well-dressed. Why would I not be?

    I also know what you mean about how they tell you "why get married...?" because they tried to do this to me. However, I noticed the ones saying this were older married women/widows living in relative comfort. They had it all and expected to have it again in "da nu system", but yet they tell a young girl (supporting herself) that she should not get married. I now know it is because they want single drudges around to do favors or to be a "sidekick" to these women. And many of these ignoramuses were the ones who criticized me because I work full-time. Meanwhile, they are collecting a pension some man worked forty years to earn!! So stupid! The hypocrisy is simply mind-boggling!!

    So, if you leave the religion, the spiteful people are not wishing you well at all. Of course, I now know most of these jealous people were never my friends in the first place. Good riddance.

  • thetrueone

    This is absolutely true, JWS much rather see people who leave the JW organization crumble and fall to

    prove to themselves that this is where god's guiding force and protection is.

    JWs are always looking around to see if what shit they've been taught is correct or the truth.

    The other unfortunate reality is since JWS are under so much controlling oppression, people who leave abruptly go about

    indulging into to things like smoking, drugs and alcohol, making bad associations with the wrong people, which in turn causes

    JWS to say look see what happens when you leave god's organization, Satan takes over your life.

    In others words having people self destruct helps greatly in their fragile beliefs and to further support their indoctrination that

    high control religious groups apply to its members .

  • Joliette

    Longhairgal: Very true. Its very important to understand and to research where information is coming from. And who it is coming from. Thank y'all for you comments.

  • av8orntexas

    Boy is this so true.

    There are alot of brothers and sisters who happen to work at my company. I cross path with the brothers the most. And at least two brothers........EVERY time they speak to me, they say WOW...thats good that you haven't gone out there and met all these women. Of course I haven't told them everything....I'm not stupid. I've dated.

    But SEX seems to be the one thing that comes up with these two brothers. How much am I having and who I'm having it with. "You haven't done anything to get in trouble have you ?" At one point I told one of the brothers that I appreciate him having such a positive view on everything ( as sarcastically as possible ) It figures he 'ignored' that comment by me.

    One of the brothers........ This brother has his own business and for years that I've known him he would throw his money in my face. Two years ago I moved into a nicer suburb of houston near him and he was negative. "Its pretty expensive out there man." "Why don't you move here ( always somewhere I KNOW he wouldn't live as it was beneath him ) Last year he tells me,"I'm shocked you're still out here. I wasn't sure you could afford it." With a straight face.

    When I was doing bad,joe was all good. The funnier thing is now that I'm doing better..the same sisters who wouldn't look my direction are always wanting to chat me up. Fuuuuuuuu^%$$# You. JW's are the biggest two-faaced frauds out there.

    If they're doing better than gives them someone to look down on in the congregation. Most can't do or say the same of people outside the hall. They're the ones looked down upon or as weird.

    I agree with others. They want to see you do as bad as possible and come crawling back. "Yes....yes,see ? I told you Bro/Sis Done bad would be back. They got their come-upings as they so deserved." The ones I work with know how I'm doing..somewhat. I tell them nothing though and lay low.

    Which is why if I ever hit the lottery I will be going back to the hall. I'm going to roll into the parking like with the brightest chrome rims on the most obnoxious sports car I can find. Preferably a Ferrari. I want them to see I'm doing good without the truth thank you very much.

  • Yan Bibiyan
    Yan Bibiyan

    Some small-minded and perverted Tall Poppy syndrome, as some of our Auzzie members would probably recognize. Total douches.

    Everytime I see them in the grocery store parking lot and they ask "how have you been?" I always, always say "Never been better!" and look at their fake plastered smiles and puzzled faces.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    The reality is that born-ins are set up to fail outside of "the truth". The reason you hear about people falling on hard times after leaving, is because they never developed the social skills necessary to cope in the real world. That combined with the fact that they lived such a sheltered life, that when they leave, they want to indulge in all of the things they were deprived of.

    And yes, when they inevitably have problems, JWs seem to relish it. It reinforces their belief that "the truth" is some sort of safe haven from the big, bad world.


    This will sound harsh but it's my honest experience:

    I've never met such a goldfish bowl of jealousy and envy. They were positively gleeful when someone who left would be working part time delivering pizzas. They even used this in their answers at the W/T but added some fake pity. They also had an incredible ability to assume they themselves could easily have been more successful. "I'd have been a rock star if I wasn't in the truth" syndrome.

    Also rather than hate for others to be successful I noted that they often didn't really acknowledge success. Sometimes this was because they didn't understand how hard people have to work to earn a lot of money or compared someone's achievments to an even more famous person. Some were too thick to understand or so self absorbed in their own JW community.

    This is based on numerous this said about people who didn't go to all the meetings, those who were "weak" and those who had left. Especially those who had left.

    There is a patter of modesty that JW's learn, but many are far from modest, caring or empathetic. Some are, but the cult brings out the worst in people.


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    dubs are envious of those who stay in and do well. I do remember sneering at those who were out and doing well. I knew they weren't encumbered by meetings, and service. They had time to do well and enjoy themselves

  • C6H12O6

    I couldn't agree more. I had some former JW friends and family interfere with my life and gloat about my failures.

    Now with no driver's license, job, or college degree, and friends ... I'm now their "bad example" of what would happen when you leave the borg.

    But I'm still not going back, I'd rather be a "failing loser" in the world than a "failing loser" in the borg, lol.

  • Joliette

    @ wha happened that is so damn true!

    My parents brought a beautiful house in 2000, and they are still living there. This JW's couple that my parents had always hung out with stopped hanging out with them (as much), because they had 'moved up.' My parents are still the same people. They just wanted something better for themselves. Active JW's are jealous of other active J-dubs when they get something that is better or find a career that is better.

    @ C6H12O6 I couldnt agree more; I would rather be a failure in the world then be a failure in the org.

    As always, thanks for everyone's comments!

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