How long will it take for me to be reinstated?

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  • jam

    In veiw of the shortage of men in the borg, how

    long do you think it will take. Lets say you were

    A MS or elder. Just curious, no way in hell would

    I return. A JW told me, since you (me) left things

    have changed. I bet you it doesn't matter if you were

    DF or you became an out right Apostate, you will be

    reinstated as quick as you could say "new light".

  • ex360shipper

    Touching kids is the new way to the top but I don't recommend it.

  • Phizzy

    They were fairly quick back in the day, based on their false exegesis of the two letters to the Corinthians, they felt that the scripture showed only a year or so should pass if the poor sap was "repentant".

    Are you saying you could be DF'd on Sunday and re-instated on Thursday now ?

  • cantleave

    Chances of someone being reinstated quickly if they were DF'd for aposatsy - Extremely Low

    Chances of someone being reinstated quickly if they molested a child - Extremely high

  • iceguy

    I think you will wait at least a year. I'm glad they made me wait as the time away from associating with them gave me time to reasearch their cult. I put a letter in after 9 months, they said no...I stopped going.

  • zzaphod

    28 yrs ago it took me 6 months (of sitting at the back of the KH and being tret like a Leper) after DAing myself, no idea how long it takes now, as I find the idea of ever going back to the JWs as about the most irrational thing I can imagine myself doing.

    All the Best

    Paul UK

  • thetrueone

    You could return as Minister of Apostasy !

    A new position for every congregation.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    12 weeks is the shortest amount of time I am aware of and that was for fornication and it was her second reinstatement for the same offence but different fella.

  • DesirousOfChange

    They have clamped down on rapid reinstatements.

    Expect at least a year of diligent meeting attendance, making sure you have lots of highighted colors in your WT and study books, saying all the right things in the JC to reinstate you.

    And that's if there is not a personal grudge of some kind against you by one of the JC members. If the JC (or any one of them) was making an example out of you for whatever you did -- they can hold out for A LONG TIME and ONLY the original JC has the authority to reinstate you, regardless of where you attend now.

    The idea of readmitting someone because they have great potential as an Elder is BS. That would mean you threaten their position of power as well (if you are in the same Cong or even the same Circuit). If you are smart, you are a threat, you are pompous, you think too much of yourself, etc etc. They can find the "reason" to hold you back.


  • NewChapter

    Geez---there just isn't anything consistent. I knew someone that was df'd for 6 years for her first offense--EVER---and she went to every single meeting and constantly petitioned to be let back in. She even changed states, but the original JC just wouldn't let her back, even though she had letters from her current elders recommending her back.

    Then I knew a guy that was out for his THIRD time, and was reinstated in less than 2 years.

    Maybe if you have the right body parts it's easier. Not sure.

    But yeah, for both of them, it was a simple case of sex with a consenting adult. Perhaps it would have been easier had it been something more predatory.


  • BluesBrother

    As far as I know...If they see the dreaded "apostasy" in the sealed envelope of the J C records - You can forget reinstatement for next to forever -

  • aquagirl

    It might take a year,but you will have to put up with sooo much shit inthe meantime,Sure its worth it?

  • Disillusioned Lost-Lamb
    Disillusioned Lost-Lamb

    Depends on how much bending over and taking up the ass you can do in addition to how easily your lips chap, cause you're gonna take a lot of s**t and have to kiss a massive amount of elderberry bahooky.

    Sorry, but we all know that's how they work.

  • truthseeker1969

    Ok first hand recent re-instatement of a brother disfellowshipped for brazen conduct. was out for 15 years was attending meetings for two months applied for re-instatement. got it.

    Elders told him that there is no set policy period for the length of time a person is made to depends on the person and when they ask to be reinstated. Meeting attendance is the number on thing, how that shows repentance i do not know!

    Also rules have changed as to what they can ask you at a hearing apparently. they are not permitted to go into anything not related to the "case" and are not permitted to dig into any details at all, but concentrate on how the person has changed.

    this brother now in his 30's had a 30 minute hearing was not told the answer and it was announced the following thursday meeting.

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