BEARDS: Why JW men don't have them

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  • Bella15

    “I’m sorry, young man, I do not want to become involved in student revolt.” .- Andre's Mother

  • Scott77

    I’m sorry, young man, I do not want to become involved in student revolt.” .- Andre's Mother

    OMG! This is Andre's mom for sure. Throughout the Watchtower history, that imaginary character has been around and incarnated over and over several times by the Watchtower writers in an attempt to drive back home their brainwashing messages. I think, they are trying to use jesus's discourse about the sermon on the mountain in which the use of illustrations were standard teaching tool.


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  • Zordino

    just Ron said "

    It's simple I sold door to door insurance for a while and was told you will sell a lot more if you don't have a beard. So no matter how the spin is, it is all a marketing ploy to place more rags."

    So very True. Salesmen are urged to keep a clean cut in order to sell more of their product, especially door to door salesmen selling empty promises.

  • harleybear

    Okay, I'm going to weigh in on this one even if I am a chick. As a "sister" those of us gals in the cong had to go up on the stage, drop to our knees and have an elder make sure our skirts touched the floor. If I'm lyin I'm dyin. YICKS Although not done during the meeting it was in plain view after the meeting. When I complained I was told I was not being in supmission. Talk about "assume the position"

  • DonutZ!

    Man now that I'm out I'm growing a beard!

  • just Ron
    just Ron



  • tornapart

    Jesus had a beard, the angels have beards (in the WT illustrations), the Israelites had beards, the apostles had beards...CT Russell had a beard... Oh look... Rutherford didn't...

  • Disillusioned Lost-Lamb
    Disillusioned Lost-Lamb

    posted this on another beard thread too:

    Why only men? So sexist! I know aloooooooooot of sisters who need to shave.

    Sorry, I forgot women are worthless in JW land; so preach on bearded lady, preach on!


  • sizemik

    I had a generous mustache for a while. Sister elderette came up to me one day and said "You know men with mustaches have something to hide don't you?"

    I said "No I didn't know that . . . is that why you have one?

    True story.

  • Kojack57

    Sizemik: She was flirting with you brother. Your mustache was a French tickler that she wanted to experience. LOL!!!!!!!!

  • ohiocowboy

    That's a good one Sizmik! I would love to have seen her face when you said that!

    I think that there were different reasons for not having a beard, and it depended on the congregation. In my congregation when I was growing up, we were taught that we could not have beards because Homosexuals usually wore them, yet another congregation would say that it was because of something else. So many different interpretations for a group that is supposed to be totally unified.

  • MrDarkKnight

    The basic rule on beards or any other policy that has no biblical basis is can do it if you want to, but you cannot have any "special" privleges in the organization. Conform and be promoted or rebel and be put in a box.

  • harleybear

    Sizmik you are priceless. Would have loved to be a fly on the wall for that one

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    Beards are sexy. The borg does not want sexy brothers. Just Ron was just too sexy for the Borg.

  • Simon Morley
    Simon Morley

    I suggest a move back to beards would be good for the WTB$. All that money spent on Braun's, Gillette, Phillips and Remingtons could go into the ol' cash box along with the money not given to Halmark for Xmas, Easter, Mothers' day, etc. This November I plan to have my first beard (a stylish, trimmed and respectable "Van Armburgh") for Movember - 1st one since I cut it off for the Borg in '83.

  • smiddy

    In the early 60`s I grew a beard , or goatee similar to W.E.Van Burgh,I was only in the borg.a few years and for a while it was tolerated .They thought I would learn by the example of the bros.and get rid of it.But me being a slow learner I didn`t get it ,so then the cong. overseer came down heavy on me clearly stating it was not acceptable in the christian congregation.Being new I shaved it off.In the 70`s in a new state ( vict. first then qld.) I again grew a beard,neatly trimmed,and I was well into the"truth"by now,however I just liked beards.Again it was tolerated for a while the elders just hoping it was a phase I would soon get over .One elder tried to tell me in a nice way, that I must spend a lot of time looking in the mirror grooming myself.I then told him I would only spend a few minutes every 3 weeks to do so ,where he must spend more time than that looking at himself in the mirror shaving every single day.But again the elders came on heavy telling me I would lose my priveledges as a MS and not be used in the cong.Again I succumbed because I wanted to remain a MS.And that period when they started showing jesus as clean shaven I should have joined the dots back then,but as I said I`m a slow learner.


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i know this has been dished over before, but when i was doing some research i discovered a couple of interesting points.

as far as i can find, there is only one wt article that implies that jw men should not have beards.

*** w75 8/15 pp.

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