Another Blood story hitting the Papers in Ireland

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  • WildeLover

    another Blood scandal....

    the irish have it tough!

    hope it works out ok

  • Gladring

    Shame the Irish Times doesn't allow comments on it's site.

  • Phizzy

    You can write to the paper, and point out that the JW's do not know their core beliefs, they are allowed to "take blood to the body" as the article quaintly puts it. Use Marvin Shilmers reasoning ,or similar, to show that the whole thing (Blood Doctrine) is a shambles now.

    I cannot write, unless anonymously because of being outed. But perhaps some on here could ?

    It would be good to praise the Courts sensible yet sensitive handling of the case if you are able to write.

  • BluesBrother

    Reading between the lines, do you think that the parents are relieved at the Court's decision?

    "Mr Justice Kearns said he appreciated the way in which the hospital approached the matter and showed great respect for the parents’ religion.

    He also complimented the parents for the courteous and dignified manner in which they had put their views and made no order on costs of the application, meaning each side pays its own"

    Is this not what the K M was getting at?

    km. 11/90 page 6

    Several other questions often asked by doctors or judges are:

    • “What will happen to you if a transfusion is forced by court order? Will you be held responsible?”

    • “Will accepting or having a transfusion forced on you cause you to be put out of your religion or be denied eternal life? How will you be viewed by your congregation?”

    35 One sister responded to a judge that in such a case she would not be responsible for what he decided. While correct from one point of view, the judge took it to mean that since she would not be held responsible, then he would take the responsibility for her. He ordered a transfusion.

    36 You must understand that in asking these questions, some are usually looking for a way around your refusal to accept blood. Do not inadvertently give it to them!

    Good luck to the lad, lets hope his parents see the light....

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