Grandma attacked by pitbulls and saved by bible throwing JWs

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  • InquiryMan
  • maksym

    This was my worst nightmare as a watchtower member.

    God bless that poor woman. She meant well even though her message is wrong. God bless those people that helped her too.




  • InquiryMan

    I also remember being attacked by a dog, but fortunately i was not bitten. But I was scared for dogs for years, and still a bit weary.

    To me it seems that witnesses saw a householder or a person walking being attacked by the dogs and intervened on her behalf,

    but I might have understood it incorrectly.

  • Phizzy

    At least they did something more positive than mere "Bible Thumping" !

  • Alfred

    It wasn't the young man that showed up with a stick and scared off the pit bull... it was the holy spirit inside the booklets (thrown at dog) that pacified him... oh, by the way... it was an angel that led the JWs to the (already mauled) woman...

    give it 3 years... the WT will use this in an assembly boasting session to "remind" the rank and file that this is God's spirit-directed organization...

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Disrespectful way of treating a bible, isn't it?

  • undercover

    Didn't read the article, but I'm assuming Grandma wasn't a dub, therefore the field service assigned angel didn't bother saving her, as he would have had it been an actual JW who was being attacked by a dog...

  • just Ron
    just Ron

    Didn't they have one of those ultrasonic dog things everyone in our area does.

    Just happy for every one that helped that lady expecaly to the one that didn't stick around for the fame.


  • aquagirl

    I was 12.Sitting in the back of a yellow Dogde Dart.An old lady was walking back to the car,having just left some magazines at a "nh" house.A dalmtion came tearing out of nowhere,and just as the old lady was reaching for the door handle,{I was at the passenger side back window,mind you}this dog grabbed her hand and tore the upper plam of her hand completely off,and them as she fell,this beast from hell grabbed her boney hip.I passed out as embarrasing as it is to admit it.I remember the blood spurting all over the yellow car and on my window...I have been wary of dogs ever since. The old lady needed extensive surgery.No charges were filed.

  • TOTH

    I'm sorry the poor lady got attacked. DANG! That is one scary thing to face...But...Hey! The NWT has finally found a useful purpose! I mean besides being a great cage liner!

  • exwhyzee

    If those (very sweet and cute) Sisters hadn't been out in field service that day, who knows what might have happened.

    I loved how that one Sister said about the old woman. " She's a very nice lady....I didn't know her, but she is somebody's Mother...somebody's Grandmother....somebody's friend"

    She is the kind of person I miss knowing.

  • Violia

    I thought I'd make it click-able .

    glad to hear she made it but now won't go for walks again. Dog attacks are so scary.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Wow, bad owners for sure. Poor lady.

    I kind of wondered why nearly everyone gives me and my dog a large margine, walking way around us.

    GOOD! I feel safer that way.

    My dog is ridgeback/pit mix.

  • mrsjones5

    I'd stay out of your way too WD.

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