Military Madness

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  • designs

    Last night we woke to the rumbles of canons firing on Camp Pendelton and could see the flames of the grass fire they start. We've heard this scenario over the 23 years we've lived here and it follows that some military action is about to proceed.

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  • cedars

    Having seen the video, I'm afraid I don't get this thread. Can someone explain it?


  • shamus100

    Here, I'll explain it.

    There is this drug called marijuana. People who smoke a lot of it (A LOT) develop psychosis and imagine things. You see, marijuana is very potent these days with the dehumidifying processes and injection of CO2 and all... the sticky resin is positively mind-boggling.

    The ensuing high creates dreams, highs, and above all, lows... chronic use causes psychosis in some people.

    That is all.

    ** disclaimer: What I mentioned may or may be accurate depictions of persons, alive or dead, on this thread. Any correlation between aformentioned statements may or may not be concidental **

  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    Only part of Camp P is there. Several elite units were helicoptered out day before yesterday, short notice, to Idaho, where they are participating in training to enter Iran. Interestingly, the Marines are training an an Air Force base. The unit of which I am aware is comprised only of Cobras and Apaches, which intimates a boots-on-the-ground operation.

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    oh carp

  • Butterflyleia85

    Hi Design! Thanks for your comment a month ago on my post! lol I wish we had warm weather here but it sucks in IN during this season! lol The superbowl week was awesome though!! :)

  • designs

    In 1970 my pioneer buddy and I had spent the summer in Europe. The Viet Nam war raged on. One night in Lucern Switzerland we saw the movie Soldier Blue and a riot broke, we avoided a street brawl by telling people we were Canadian students. Like Graham Nash says in closing he can't believe he still needs to sing this song he wrote about his father and the second world war. Syria, Iran, our troops and our Fleets are in the region. Again war.

    Cedars, that's what its about. Butterflyleia, stay warm, Spring's around the corner. Justitia, thanks for the details.

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